Top destinations Asia Pacific travelers will visit in 2020

A recent study by Hilton Honors that surveyed 2,300 of the most avid travelers in Asia Pacific revealed a handful of top destinations these jetsetters are most looking forward to visiting in the next 12 months. The study also revealed that elevated experiences, local culture and authenticity play an important

10 kawaii Japanese bento recipes from Ochikeron you can try

Tokyo-based YouTube user Ochikeron has been sharing easy-to-follow Japanese home cooking on her channel since 2011. If you are not familiar with her, she was the one who created the three-ingredient cheesecake using eggs, white chocolate and cream cheese. Additionally, Ochikeron created a five-ingredient chocolate lave cake out of chocolate, butter,

How the story of SS Vyner Brooke will break your heart

SS Vyner Brooke started her service as the royal yacht of Sarawak. The Scottish-built steamship also worked as a merchant ship used between Singapore and Kuching. However at the beginning of World War II, this ship owned by Sarawak Steamship Co Ltd, had a tragic ending. Here are 5 things

10 Japanese high school romance anime you must watch

Most famous shoujo manga or anime (aimed at a teenage female audience) circle around high school romance. And when comes to Japanese high school romance manga, the most famous one is perhaps Boys Over Flowers or Hana Yori Dango. It has been adapted into television dramas in five countries including Taiwan, Japan,

10 Japanese horror anime you must watch

There is something about Japanese horror stories that make them one of the scariest, most eerie tales in the South East Asian region. Even if it is an anime, not a live-action story, the Japanese horror genre still manages to transcend cultural borders and language barriers to give its audience a good

8 easy Japanese recipes to try at home

Forget about sushi and sashimi, there are easy Japanese recipes out there for you to try at home. Fellow Asian countries like Malaysia already have the basic Japanese ingredients like rice and soy sauce. Other traditional ingredients that you might require to make your own Japanese cuisine at home are miso, dashi,

10 iconic dogs you should know in the year of the Dog

The Dog is the animal zodiac for this year's Chinese lunar calendar. What better way to celebrate the year of man’s best friend other than to remember these 10 iconic dogs around the world! 1. The symbolic dog for loyalty - Hachiko (Japan) Hachiko is perhaps the world’s most famous dog known for his