Discover The Peranakan Gallery at Orchard Road, Singapore

Phoenix in flight, dancing dragons and peonies in full bloom; visitors to The Peranakan Gallery at Orchard Road will be enthralled by artful depictions of these colourful and iconic Peranakan symbols throughout a gallery space that focuses on tracing the 500-year-old story of the Straits Chinese population in Southeast Asia.

How the story of SS Vyner Brooke will break your heart

SS Vyner Brooke started her service as the royal yacht of Sarawak. The Scottish-built steamship also worked as a merchant ship used between Singapore and Kuching. However at the beginning of World War II, this ship owned by Sarawak Steamship Co Ltd, had a tragic ending. Here are 5 things

5 fast food chains we wish would come to Sarawak

Sarawakians are known to be proud for our own local food but we also appreciate foreign flavours even - and in some cases, especially - if it comes in the form of fast food chains. While Sarawak already enjoys KFC, McDonalds, Nando’s, Subway, Burger King and Pizza Hut, most of us want more. Here are

Get animated with Cartoon Network in Singapore

The Powerpuff Girls, We Bare Bears, Adventure Time and Ben 10 come to life with giant inflatables, carnival games and workshops Animate Your Life @ Gardens by the Bay, Singapore 26 May - 10 June 2018; Prices start from RM37.50++ Looking for something to do with the entire family? Cartoon Network invites you

Asian horror movies based on real haunted places

Art imitates life, even in Asian horror movies, which shows how movie-makers draw their inspirations from their surroundings when making a film. And what more inspiration for a horror movie other than an actual haunted place? Here are some Asian horror movies inspired by places with supernatural and unexplained histories: 1.Gonjiam: Haunted

The Eastern Seas, the book which inspired James Brooke to explore

For an idea of how Borneo looked like before the Brookes, have a read of The Eastern Seas written by George Windsor Earl. An English navigator, Earl was the first one to provide a European account of north-west Borneo’s Chinese gold miners and the incredible wealth of Borneo which included gold, diamonds and other