Get to know two species of gibbons found in Borneo

The Borneo orangutan is the only great ape found in Asia. Here in Borneo, it shares the rainforest with 12 other primate species including two gibbon species. Although they more closely resemble monkeys, gibbons are actually called smaller or lesser apes, and like all apes, gibbons lack tails. Compared to

5 things you need to know about Bako Buntal Bay

Most travellers visiting Sarawak might not have Bako Buntal Bay as part of their itinerary....unless they are avid birders. Located about 40km from Kuching city, this vast bay area is an ecologically important site for birds. The Bako Buntal Bay covers roughly 3,590ha from Mount Santubong at its west to

No tigers in Borneo? Thank the smart-ass kancil

Everybody knows what a tiger looks like; it is known for its one-of-a-kind fur pattern of dark stripes against reddish-orange fur. Besides Malaysia, it is also the national animal of India, Bangladesh and South Korea. Although Borneo is home to around 222 mammals, 44 of them being native to this island,

Getting close to endangered animals at Matang Wildlife Centre

If you want to take a closer look at some of the endangered wildlife in Sarawak, make a pit stop at Matang Wildlife Centre. Welcome to Matang Wildlife Centre! Located about 40 minutes' drive from Kuching, the centre houses threatened wildlife in large enclosed areas of rainforest or spacious cages. Here

3 trails in Similajau National Park you must visit

The nearest national park to the energy town of Sarawak, Bintulu, is Similajau National Park. Widely known by its official name, 'Similajau' in the early days of the park’s establishment, locals preferred to call it ‘Likau’ after the biggest river flowing through the area. The national park is more than just

5 things you can enjoy at Similajau National Park, Bintulu

Situated about 30km from Bintulu town, Similajau National Park covers a total area of 22,230 acres. The park was gazetted in 1978 and opened to public in 1995. Here are 5 interesting things about Similajau National Park: Pay your entrance fee at this office before going into the park. 1.It is place

The Legends of Pelagus Rapids, Kapit

The Pelagus Rapids are infamously known as the ‘Rapids of Death’. They have caused the deaths of many travellers who needed to travel from Kapit to Belaga. Located up the Rajang river, the ferocious rapids spanning 5km consist of at least seven dangerous sessions. The locals call some of them Lapoh, Sukat,

How to avoid lightning strikes when you travel

Did you know that Malaysia has the third highest lightning activity in the world? According to US National Lightning Safety Institute records, Malaysia recorded an average of 180 to 260 thunderstorm days a year, after Indonesia (322) and Columbia (275 to 320). If you are living or travelling to these countries (or