5 reasons to climb Mount Serapi at least once in your life

Mount Serapi located at Kubah National Park is one of the two mountains that can be easily spotted from Kuching city.

Together with Mount Selang and Mount Sendok, they make the three summits of the Matang Range.

Famous among locals and foreigners alike, Kubah National Park offers jungle trails for trekkers and waterfalls to dip in.

It offers six trails for visitors to explore including a path leading up to the summit of Mount Serapi.

If you are looking to strike “climb a mountain” off your bucket list, Mount Serapi is a good place to start.

Mount Serapi
The view as far as the eyes can see from the top of Mount Serapi.

Even if you have no interest in hiking or are ‘allergic’ to nature, here are some reasons why you should climb Mount Serapi at least once in your life:

1. It is accessible from Kuching!

Mount Serapi.
You can easily spot this communication tower resting on top of Mount Serapi from Kuching.

Kubah National Park is located 20 km from Kuching city, very accessible indeed.

Thanks to its distance, it is famous among day trippers. However, the park offers lodging too if you are planning to stay overnight.

Even if it is near Kuching, plan your ascent as early as you can. Then you can avoid the afternoon heat and take your time on your climb.

2. Your shoes won’t get muddy.

Mount Serapi
A tarred road leads all the way up to the summit.

The best part about climbing to the top of Mount Serapi is *drum roll please* there is a tarred road leading all the way up to the top!

So you can ditch wearing your expensive hiking footwear and even the affordable adidas kampung and take your usual running shoes.

Even so, it is crucial to invest in a pair of good shoes that fit perfectly.

A pair of loosely fitted shoes will hurt when you are descending from the summit; your feet will be sliding forwards and your toes repeatedly hitting the inner part of your shoes. And yes, I’m speaking from personal experience.

3. It only takes less than 4 hours to reach the top

It takes about 3 to 3 1/2 hours to reach to the top.
It’s a quick trek up, but has lots of rest stops along the way.

Depending on your stamina, it takes about 3 to 3 1/2 hours to reach to the top.

Some seasonal runners and trekkers can finish the round up trip even in five hours.

There are plenty of rest stops along the way, so take your time.

4. You can listen to the sound of nature

Enjoy the sound of nature before feasting your eyes with this view.
Enjoy the sound of nature before feasting your eyes with this view.

You can always enjoy the sounds of cicadas, frogs, birds and insects along your way to the top.

Or swing by at the frog pond and listen to the world’s most beautiful sound.

In 2014, nature recordist Marc Anderson won a competition sponsored by The Sound Agency with a recording he took at Kubah National Park’s frog pond.

The recording won the Most Beautiful Sound in the World.

If you are familiar with birds’ call, Kubah is also one of the best places in Kuching where you can hear them.

Among the birds highlighted by Sarawak Tourism Board found here in Kubah are Blue-banded Pitta, Red-naped Trogan, Rufous-backed Kingfisher and many more.

For visiting birders out there, remember to bring your binoculars.

5. Do it for the view!

Last but definitely not least, climb up to the summit of Mount Serapi for the view.

There is a viewing platform for climbers to enjoy the scenic view of Kuching, Mount Santubong and the coastline of Southwest Sarawak.

If you are good at geography, perhaps you can spot which mountain peaks mark the border with Indonesia.

Mount Santubong too offers great view from on top but the climb to the top is not for all.

Mount Gading in Lundu is another option for climbers. Sadly, there is no views from the top, only a sign saying you have reached the summit.

The best option for an achievable climb and comes with a great view near Kuching, choose Mount Serapi instead.

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