5 things you need to know about the black orchid

The black orchid (Coelogyne pandurata) is such a unique plant that it is the official mascot for East Kalimantan province. Also known as anggrek hitam in the Indonesian language, this orchid can be found in all three countries on Borneo; Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei. Unlike popular belief, it is not

10 interesting facts about Indonesia’s Kapuas River

Borneo has often been referred to as the Amazon of Asia thanks to its high density biodiversity. So if Borneo is the Asian Amazon, the ‘Amazon river’ of this island is none other than the Kapuas river. Here are 10 interesting facts you need to know about Kapuas River, Indonesia 1.It is

5 things to do at Buntal Esplanade, Kuching

Located about 30km from Kuching city, Buntal Esplanade is a hidden gem waiting to be explored more by the locals and tourists alike. The esplanade is inside Kampung Buntal, a traditional Malay fishing village situated at the mouth of Sarawak river leading to South China Sea. The village is named after ikan

5 reasons to visit Danau Sentarum National Park, Indonesia

Danau Sentarum National Park is a unique seasonal wetland where the water levels can rise up to 12m during raining season. Together with Betung Kerihun National Park and Kapuas Hulu District, the whole area was awarded the biosphere reserve certificate from Man and Biosphere UNESCO last July 2018. Located in Kapuas Hulu

3 botanical gardens you should visit in Kuching if you love plants

Calling out all botanists and horticulturalists who are visiting Kuching city for the first time! Do not leave the city without visiting these botanical gardens: 1. DBKU Orchid Park While the hibiscus is Malaysia's official flower, Sarawak’s state flower is actually the Normah Orchid (Phalaenopsis bellina). So, having a whole garden dedicated solely to