Top 20 most amazing facts about Sabah’s biodiversity

Apart from its rich culture, Sabah is also widely known for its rich biodiversity. Did you know that Sabah’s rainforest even inspired the live action remake of The Jungle Book? One of the movie’s visual effect artists, Helen Brownell reportedly drew inspiration from her adventures in Sabah for some of the landscapes

Guide to forts in Sarawak built during the Brooke Era

The Kingdom of Sarawak was established from a series of land concessions by the Brooke family famously known as the White Rajahs. In fact, it was even recognised as an independent state by the United States in 1850 and the United Kingdom in 1864. The founder James Brooke and his successors Charles as

What to do in Gunung Gading National Park, Lundu?

Gunung Gading National Park is one of the most accessible places in Sarawak to view Rafflesia blooms. Gazetted in 1983, the national park is a conservation area for this majestic plant. The park is located about 80km from Sarawak's state capital Kuching, near the small town of Lundu. The name Gunung Gading was

The Frog Pond of Kubah National Park

Most visitors to Kubah National Park would put Mount Serapi or its waterfall on the itinerary but only a few would stop and appreciate the frog pond located there. Situated about a half-hour walk from the park HQ, this pool is the breeding ground for numerous frog species. There are a few

Six nature attractions near Kuching city, Sarawak

So you are now in Kuching city and you are looking for an accessible, green place to go to. Fret not, here are the six nature attractions near Kuching city you visit and enjoy a day out with Mother Nature. 1. Santubong National Park Santubong National Park is about 40 minutes drive from

3 easy trails in Bako National Park you must visit

The oldest national park in Sarawak, Bako National Park is a tourist favourite in the state. Located about 30km north of Kuching city, the park was established back in 1957 before Sarawak became part of the Malaysian federation. Bako National Park is a great place to escape from the hustle and bustle

Top 8 Penan Handwoven Items That Everyone Should Have

In Sarawak, it is normal for one person to own at least one traditional item that is used as an everyday thing. Whether it is a hand-woven mat or a basket, traditional items aren't just decorative, they're also practical. For the love of traditional indigenous items, KajoMag has compiled top 8 traditional Penan

5 reasons to climb Mount Serapi at least once in your life

Mount Serapi located at Kubah National Park is one of the two mountains that can be easily spotted from Kuching city. Together with Mount Selang and Mount Sendok, they make the three summits of the Matang Range. Famous among locals and foreigners alike, Kubah National Park offers jungle trails for trekkers and waterfalls