The view that greets you from the top of Mount Santubong.

5 accessible mountain peaks to conquer near Kuching

For climbers living or visiting Kuching, there are five accessible mountain peaks to conquer here.

Each mountain has its own charm and difficulties as well as legends and stories.

But all of them offer the best of what Sarawak has; rich biodiversity and luscious greenery.

If you are making a list of mountain peaks to climb, perhaps you can start from this list:

1.Mount Santubong
Santubong 15
The view that greets you from the top of Mount Santubong.

Located about 35km from the capital of Sarawak, Mount Santubong has been gazetted as a national park.

It takes up to 4 hours to reach to the top and up to 3 hours to hike down depending on your stamina.

There are some steep climbs which come with rope ladders but the view that greets you is worth the sweat.

Unlike other Sarawak national parks, there is no entry fee to Santubong. So you can climb this mountain for free.

Read what else you can do at Santubong here.

2.Mount Serapi
DSC 0062
The view from the viewing platform of Mount Serapi.

Mount Serapi is located at Kubah National Park which is about 20km from Kuching city.

The best part of this climb is the path is tarred all the way to the top!

Read five reasons to climb Mount Serapi at least once in your life here.

3.Mount Gading
Gunung Gading National Park 7
You can swing by to this waterfall no 7 while on your way to the top of Mount Gading.

This mountain is a little bit far from Kuching, about 80km near Lundu town.

Sadly, this mountain does not offer much a view, just a sign implying, “Yay, you have arrived at the peak!”

The climb takes about 8 hours up and down so for a physical activity, why not give it a go.

While you are there, here are things to do at Gunung Gading National Park.

4.Mount Singai
IMG 20180714 WA0040
The view from Mount Singai.

If you are a practicing Catholic and a climber, this mount makes the top of the list you have to ascend near Kuching.

The faithfuls usually say the Stations of the Cross while visiting Mount Singai.

There is no Instagram-worthy view from the mountain peak but there is one viewing point three-quarter along the way.

Here are KajoMag’s six reasons for you to climb up this mountain.

5.Mount Jagoi

Located about 45 minutes from Kuching, Mount Jagoi is conserved by Jagoi Area Development Committee.

For beginners, this is the perfect mountain for you as it only takes one to two hours to reach to the top.

Once you are up there, the view of nearby mountains and Kampung Serasot.

Contact the committee to know more about Mount Jagoi.

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