Shop, ‘ngupi’ at La Promenade Mall, Kota Samarahan

la promenade mall kuching
HSL's La Promenade Mall along the Kuching-Samarahan expressway.

When you hear about another shopping mall like La Promenade Mall opening up in Kota Samarahan, those living closer to central Kuching may feel undecided about crossing the Kuching-Samarahan line. It sounds ‘far’ and you might have to deal with the legendary Samarahan traffic.

Sited along the Kuching-Samarahan Expressway comfortably between the established city centre and smart township of Samarahan, however, the newly-launched La Promenade Mall by Hock Seng Lee is neither too far nor out of the way.

It’s 20-25 minutes from Kuching’s golden triangle, and if you’re willing to head to Jalan Canna to wait in the drivethru for McDonald’s Prosperity Burger set, another 5 minutes’ drive to La Promenade Mall will be a cinch.

Shop, taste the difference

La Promenade Mall doesn’t aim to be just another retail-oriented shopping centre, but a neighbourhood community hub that supplies services to shoppers and residents working the daily commute that they can’t get online.

HSL’s ‘Support Local’ approach will see Sarawakian businesses like Black Bean Coffee and Tea, NOMS, Taka Patisserie, Hock King Authentic Chicken Rice, Rice King, and Mr Domus among the tenants livening up the four-storey commercial space, offering local foodies and coffee lovers a cosy retreat after the day’s work is done.

Indulge your sweet tooth with Taka Patisserie’s selection of freshly baked goodies.

For those who are looking to do some grocery shopping on their way home, browsing through the aisles of anchor tenant Choice Supermarket promises to provide shoppers a more enjoyable experience with their emphasis on fresh produce, leafy greens, imported meat, freshly baked bread and personal care section.

Designed by Australian firm BHO Interiors, Choice Supermarket’s contemporary layout will also include a food kiosk, as well as a combination of serviced cashiers and self-checkout aisles.

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What’s more, if you’re looking to work out while relishing the sunrise and sunset views over Kuching, you’ll be able to check in at the Sweat Factory gym and enjoy a more holistic approach to wellbeing and fitness in addition to the gym machine with the availability of instructor-focused group classes and personal training.

On top of that, La Promenade Mall has provided special leases and subsidised rental to local non-governmental organisations such as Hope Place, Intellectually Disabled Adults Society, Bodhi Counselling Centre and Helping Hands, thus providing them space for workshops, offices and storefronts, truly making it a shopping center with public service and community focus at its core.

Currently, HSL is one of Hope Place’s biggest donors, which also includes the sponsoring of an animated short. Hand drawn painstakingly over a period of 7 months by the Sarawakian creatives behind Pixbugs Studio, Hope Place aims to raise RM100,000 through the fundraising video.

La Promenade Mall and the environment

If, at first glance, you had taken in La Promenade’s glass curtain walls and just thought it was an office building… well okay, you wouldn’t be completely wrong. La Promenade Mall is just one of the components within the 10-storey HSL Tower, which also happens to be the first privately owned Green Building Index-certified building in East Malaysia, with La Promenade Mall being its second.

What does it mean? With energy-saving features like it’s 3,700 custom made triple glazed glass panels it means more natural light, less heat and less air-con, resulting in an approximate 25% reduction in energy consumption. Light shafts going down into the basement carpark also helps reduce the need for underground electric lighting.

Impatient to see what else is going to be moving in to La Promenade Mall, Kota Samarahan? Watch this space or visit hsl.com.my and lapromenademall.com.my!

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