HSL defines modern living with Precinct Grande

Hock Seng Lee Precinct Grande Bungalow Majestic

Greenscapes, spaciousness and life quality are a rare combination to find in a housing development in Kuching, but Precinct Grande by Hock Seng Lee paves the way for the future of urban housing developments with its carefully crafted architectural designs. Nestled in La Promenade, a 200-acre mixed development along the Kuching-Samarahan

Shop, ‘ngupi’ at La Promenade Mall, Kota Samarahan

la promenade mall kuching

When you hear about another shopping mall like La Promenade Mall opening up in Kota Samarahan, those living closer to central Kuching may feel undecided about crossing the Kuching-Samarahan line. It sounds ‘far’ and you might have to deal with the legendary Samarahan traffic. Sited along the Kuching-Samarahan Expressway comfortably between