Hock Seng Lee Precinct Grande Bungalow Majestic

HSL defines modern living with Precinct Grande


Greenscapes, spaciousness and life quality are a rare combination to find in a housing development in Kuching, but Precinct Grande by Hock Seng Lee paves the way for the future of urban housing developments with its carefully crafted architectural designs.

Nestled in La Promenade, a 200-acre mixed development along the Kuching-Samarahan Expressway, Precinct Grande is a low-density housing development defined by green principles. Comprising bungalows and duplexes stretched out over 20 acres, the precinct is made up of 18% open spaces, spread out to benefit each housing plot.

While Grande’s masterplanner and green architect specialist David Ong mapped out the Green Building Index framework as well as the precinct’s back-to-back duplexes, MNSC Architects designed the precinct’s uber-luxurious bungalows – Designer Bungalow, Bungalow Majestic and Bungalow Elegant.

Bungalow Majestic

Hock Seng Lee Precinct Grande Bungalow Majestic
Bungalow Majestic

The three-storey Bungalow Majestic is perhaps every modern parent’s dream house. Designed with growing families in mind, the master bedroom occupies half of the top floor, allowing flexibility and added comfort for parents co-sleeping with their young children. Three spacious bedrooms opposite the master bedroom sees that parents share the same floor with their children, allowing parents to sleep better with family safety in mind.

Double-volume dining and living rooms (think high ceilings, lofty and open atmospheres) allow for more natural light, enhancing the cosiness and spaciousness of the family ‘nest’ as you enter the main door.

Bungalow Designer

Hock Seng Lee Precinct Grande Designer Bungalow
Bungalow Designer

A retro-futuristic house design like the Bungalow Designer deserves to be shown off with an equally unique method of construction. The off-form building technique which sees concrete being fabricated on site demands absolute precision and quality, adding prestige for any house-proud owner.

Bungalow Elegant

Hock Seng Lee Precinct Grande Bungalow Elegant
Bungalow Elegant

Designed along more traditional lines, Bungalow Elegant’s Master Room on the first floor allows homeowners easier access from the ground floor. With bedrooms on multi-levels of the three-storey house, an attached study and entertainment room on the first floor with the master room affords the homeowner more privacy, while allowing their children more independence on the top floor.

Green habitat

Designed using sun path models and cross ventilation as priorities – two core principles in green buildings – HSL aims to attain the first Green Building Index for housing in East Malaysia. The feat would mark another milestone for the developer which has already achieved twin GBI certifications for HSL Tower and its three-storey La Promenade Mall.

In addition, Precinct Grande has double the industry norm’s landscaped areas. Three types of linear parks have been designed for the precinct by Intodesign Labs, each catering to a different theme. Tunnels and hills in the specially created natural playscapes offer children the perfect outdoor playground, while the sights and smells from the edible landscape in another linear park provides older residents a natural space to reflect. Meanwhile, visitors and residents alike can meet at an external meeting point along La Promenade’s main boulevard.

‘You Complete Me’

Hock Seng Lee Precinct Grande Duplex Modern
Duplex Modern

Precinct Grande’s duplexes – Duplex Classic and Duplex Modern – go the extra mile in creating homes that address the concerns of many of Sarawak’s multigenerational family households. Its elderly-friendly floor plan and facilities on the ground floor ensures that the family’s oldest members live out their years in comfort and safety. In addition, a maid’s room on the ground floor affords homeowners the option of a live-in nurse or caregiver.

Meanwhile, the roof terrace on the second floor will be a breath of fresh air for residents to take in the sunshine as they look out over the neighbourhood where tree cover has been maximised to ensure a healthy urban space.

Hock Seng Lee Precinct Grande Duplex Classic
Duplex Classic

Duplex Classic’s pitched roofing will appeal to homeowners who are nostalgic for traditional styles of architecture while being able to enjoy the house’s more contemporary features.

For those prioritising green living, the Duplex Modern shares the same layout as Duplex Classic but with emphasis on wide roofs for extra shade from the elements.

About La Promenade

La Promenade, currently comprising Precinct Luxe, Precinct Premiere, Precinct Grande, as well as the newly launched onsite La Promenade Mall, is not a typical housing estate. In 2018, the mixed development won the Malaysian Landscape Architecture Awards for the master planning category, and emerged as a top winner in the SHEDA Excellence Awards in 2019 with the master planning prize and Precinct Premiere in the residential category.