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#KajoPicks: 10 South Korean historical fantasy dramas you should watch

Patricia Hului

The Korean term ‘saegeuk’ refers to historical dramas, including plays, films or television series. Most ‘saeguk’ dramas, however, like many other period television series, are not always historically accurate. While the characters may be inspired by real-life people, events are often romanticised or exaggerated to more spectacular effect. More exciting reimaginings of history have seen […]

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la promenade mall kuching
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Shop, ‘ngupi’ at La Promenade Mall, Kota Samarahan


When you hear about another shopping mall like La Promenade Mall opening up in Kota Samarahan, those living closer to central Kuching may feel undecided about crossing the Kuching-Samarahan line. It sounds ‘far’ and you might have to deal with the legendary Samarahan traffic. Sited along the Kuching-Samarahan Expressway comfortably between the established city centre […]

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