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8 egg sandwich recipes from around the world

No matter where you are from, most people find delight in a simple egg sandwich, whether the filling is boiled or fried.

The history of egg sandwich goes back about a century. A 1905 British cookbook describes an egg sandwich made with sliced hard-boiled eggs, marinated in oil, vinegar, salt and paper, and garnished with minced watercress.

During World War I, the egg banjo (a sandwich made of runny fried egg between two thick slices of bread) was a popular snack with British troops.

Fast forward to the 21st century. With more countries discovering the wonder of bread, the egg sandwich has been popularized and personalized across the globe.

From India to South Korea, here are eight egg sandwich recipes from around the world you can try:
1.Calcutta Street Style Egg-Mayo Sandwich

Bong Eats not only cook traditional Bengali recipes but also document the food of Calcutta, India.

This recipe they share is inspired by a street style snack found in Free School Street, Calcutta.

It has a creamy filling of mayonnaise and soft-boiled eggs and grilled crust.

2.Korean Street Toast

If you are a big fan of Korean talk show Happy Together then you might have seen singer Byul making this on the show.

Inspired by a common street snack found in South Korea, Byul’s version of the patty was made from enoki mushroom, crabsticks, sweet corn and egg.

Hereone of KajoMag’s favourite Korean food bloggers, Seonkyoung Longest, shares her version of Korean street toast.

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She points out that the signature of this snack that makes it different from than any other egg sandwich out there is the amount of veggies in it and its sweet flavour.

So Seonkyoung puts generous amounts of cabbage, onions and carrots into her patty. Talk about a well-balanced egg sandwich!

3.Korean’s Samsaek Sandwich

“Samsaek” sandwich basically means “three-coloured sandwich” in Korean. Just like you imagine, it has three different colours of fillings in it.

The green filling is made of cucumber, the red filling is cooked ham while the yellow filling is because of the eggs.

4.Japanese Convenience Store Egg Sandwich

Do you know that there are more than 50,000 convenience stores, known as “konbini” that can be found across Japan?

They are known to providce a wide range of meals and snacks such as onigiri and sandwiches.

Here, Japanese YouTuber Ocikeron teaches her subscribers how to make konbini-style sandwiches. They are basically made from ham sandwich, tuna sandwich and of course, egg sandwich.

5.Tamago Sando

Who doesn’t love Tamagoyaki (Japanese-style rolled omelette)? It is easy and affordable to make and packed with protein.

So imagine Tamagoyaki in a sandwich – what you get is a Tamago Sando!

Another key ingredient for this recipe is Japanese Kewpie mayonnaise.

6.American Eggslut’s Fried Egg Sandwich

Eggslut is a fast food restaurant located in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. It is known for its signature dish “The Slut” which is basically a coddled egg on pureed potatoes.

A quick search on YouTube will uncover different kinds of Eggslut-inspired egg sandwich recipes.

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Here is one courtesy of Claire Thomas featured on Food Network.

7.Hong Kong-style Egg Sandwich

Hong Kongers love their egg sandwich so much that Time Out Hong Kong had to put out an “Ultimate egg sandwich showdown”.

They rate the egg sandwiches around Hong Kong in categories such as best value for money, strongest flavour and “eggs thicker than the bread”.

If you have to have a taste of this favorite Hong Kong snack at your home, here is a recipe that you can try:

8.Saigon Baguette

Some Vietnamese food is inspired by its French colonial history. Take banh mi for example,: it is a typical Vietnamese sandwich filled with ingredients such as pork sausage, coriander leaf and combined with French condiments.

As for this Saigon Baguette, it is filled with two sunny side up eggs filled with vegetables and Asian herbs.

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