5 easy recipes from Happy Together’s Late Night Cafeteria you should try

If you are one of the those people who gets hungry and starts to scavenge through your fridge in the middle of the night, this is for you.

Happy Together is a South Korean talk show which has been running since 2001. It used to have this regular segment called Late Night Cafeteria. Occasionally, the show brings back this famous segment.

The Late Night Cafeteria allows celebrities to share their easy, affordable meals that they make themselves at home.

Here are five easy Happy Together’s Late Night Cafeteria you should try:

1. Kwantos

5 easy recipes from Happy Together’s Late Night Cafeteria you should try2

The life of a K-pop idol trainee is infamously known to be harsh. Some of the idol trainees even do not have enough to eat or be put on a diet at a young age.

K-pop star Kwanghee of ZE:A shared that once he accidentally left a bag of Cheetos open and the chips got soggy. But he refused to throw the chips away and developed a recipe out of the soggy snack.

The host of Late Night Cafeteria, Yoo Jaesuk initially had doubts about the recipe. However once he tasted it, he suggested the dish might goes well with beer.

So, how to make Kwanghee’s Kwangtos? Leave your Cheetos bag open for a day.Then top it with cheese and hot sauce before putting it in microwave.

This recipe is good if you do not want to let your Cheetos go to waste.

Watch how to make it here:

2.Mushroom toast

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South Korean singer Byul is famously known as Running Man HaHa’s wife. Together, the couple runs a BBQ restaurant in Seoul on top of their entertainment careers.

During this year’s segment of Late Night Cafeteria, the mother of two shared a toast recipe she usually make for her son.

It is a sandwich made from mushroom patty with two slices of toast. She made a patty out out enoki mushroom, crabs stick, sweet corn and an egg. After that, pan-fry the batter to make square-shaped fritters.

As for the sauce, just mix tomato ketchup and mayonnaise. You can add on your own chilli if you prefer it to be a little bit more spicy.

This is how Byul makes it.

3.Egg toast and Shaved Ice

5 easy recipes from Happy Together’s Late Night Cafeteria you should try 2

How about snacking like an Olympic gold medalist? Lee Sanghwa, a two-time Olympic champion shared her late night snack recipes which consist of egg toast and shaved ice.

The egg toast is made with bread dipped in beaten egg with a little bit of diced chili.

Sanghwa then completes her snack with dessert of homemade shaved ice. The cold dish comprises only three ingredients; frozen milk, vanilla ice-cream and chocolate cookies.

Watch how to make it here

4.Dumpling Spaghetti

5 easy recipes from Happy Together’s Late Night Cafeteria you should try 3e

Nowadays, instant food even dumplings are easily available at the supermarket. Actor Seo Hajoon accidentally discovered this recipe when he trying to cook instant dumplings but failed.

In attempt to rescue the dumplings, he mashed up the dumplings in a bowl. He added ketchup and mozzarella cheese on top of it before making it in the oven.

Hajoon called it Dumpling Spaghetti because the dumpling wrappers taste like noodles.

Watch how to make the dumpling spaghetti here. 

5.Pad Thai Ramyeon

5 easy recipes from Happy Together’s Late Night Cafeteria you should try

Although South Korean celebrity chef Baek Jongwon is the culinary expert, he entrusts his wife to cooking spaghetti or noodle-related dishes at home.

His wife, Korean actress So Yujin shared an easy to make homemade pad thai ramyeon.

Basically, it is similar to Malaysian Maggi Goreng. Using the noodle from ramyeon packet, Yujin stir-fries the noodle with garlic, chili, pickled radish. As for the seasoning, she combines chili powder, fish sauce, soy sauce, vinegar and sugar. There you have it, a taste of Thailand in the middle of the night.

Watch it here.

Patricia Hului is a Kayan who wants to live in a world where you can eat whatever you want and not gain weight.

She grew up in Bintulu, Sarawak and graduated from the University Malaysia Sabah with a degree in Marine Science.

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