10 easy and amazing ways to use frozen puff pastry

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If you love baked goods, one of the most important ingredients to have in your fridge is frozen puff pastry.

Unless you are a culinary expert and you know how to make your own puff pastry, then you might not need this ingredient.

Also known as pate feuilletee, it is a flaky light pastry made from laminated dough composed of dough and butter or other solid fat.

The butter is put inside the dough, making what they called a paton which is repeatedly folded and rolled out before baking.

Making your own puff pastry is a long, tedious work. Nowadays thanks to culinary innovation, we can easily buy the instant version of puff pastry.

Once you have this in your fridge, here are 10 easy ways to your frozen puff pastry:

1.Sardine puff

Malaysians love having sardine puff for their afternoon tea.

To make the filling, you need a can of sardines in tomato sauce. Drain the sardines, and let your creativity flow. Do you like spicy food? Add in some chili powder or ground chilli. Need extra taste and texture? Add in diced onion or carrots.

After you prepare your filling, make your sardine puff with the frozen puff pastry in mold it into whatever shape you want.

Check out the recipes here, here and here.

2.Tuna puff

Instead of canned sardine, how about using canned tuna?

There are so many varieties of canned tuna out there.

Choose your favourite and flavour it according to your taste.

Then, make your own tuna puff using frozen puff pastry.

Check out the recipes here, here and here.

3.Curry Puff

Do you have leftover curry from last night’s dinner?

Or do you have a canned curry sitting around in the pantry?

What better way to use it besides making curry puff using frozen puff pastry?

4.Pigs in a Blanket

In the United States, the term ‘pigs in a blanket’ commonly refers to hot dogs in croissant dough.

Instead of croissant dough, how about using frozen puff pastry?

The idea is still the same; to roll cocktail sausages using the dough and bake them to perfection.

You can also use normal sized sausages and cut them into pieces.

Check out the recipes here, here and here.

5.Pot Pie

To make pot pie using frozen puff pastry, you need to some cooking.

You need boneless chicken, mixed vegetables as well as ingredients such as cream, flour and butter to thicken the filling.

With this recipe, you are ready to have a hearty meal instead of dessert.

Check out the recipes here, here and here.

6.Puff pastry pizza

Speaking of a hearty meal, use frozen puff pastry as a pizza base and you will have a puff pastry pizza.

As for the toppings, you can go for simple ingredients such as tomato puree and mozzarella cheese or you can go crazy with it.

Check out the recipes here, here and here.

7.Chocolate Puff

Are you a fan of chocolate? How about making chocolate puff?

The easiest way to make one is to sprinkle chocolate chips on your dough and roll it like a croissant.

After baking, the chocolate chips will melt and you have a nice layer of chocolate in your puff pastry.

Check out the recipes here, here and here.

8.Fruit tart

Here is another super easy recipe to use frozen puff pastry.

Basically, you need cream cheese and fruits of your choice.

Spread cream cheese on top of the dough, top it with fruits and sprinkle some icing sugar on top.

Bake it until your pastry is cooked.

Check out the recipes here, here and here.


A palmier is a French pastry that known for its many names including pig’s ear, palm heart and elephant heart.

Using only three ingredients including puff pastry, butter and sugar, you can make a palmier at the comfort of your home.

Check out the recipe here.

10.Baked Apple Roses

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This puff pastry dessert is not only delicious but also pretty to look at.

Besides frozen puff pastry, you need thinly sliced apple, sugar, butter and cinnamon powder.

The idea is to place apple slices along one long edge of dough with the slices overlapped slightly.

Then fold bottom half of the dough over the apple slices to form a shape that looks like a rose.

Check out the recipes here, here and here.

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