The aftermath of the Indonesian-Malaysian confrontation at Long Bawan

Located at North Kalimantan, Indonesia, Long Bawan is a small town with a small airport which has become the only gateway via air to Krayan Highlands. Looking back on its history, it was one of the combat operations sites between British Commonwealth forces and Indonesian armies during the Indonesian-Malaysian confrontation. The

Does listening to music help you in your concentration?

You have heard this before; listening to music when studying or doing you work could help you to focus. But how true is this statement? Here at KajoMag, we look at different studies on the effects of listening to music on our concentration. One study shows that listening to classical

KajoPicks: 5 performances we loved during RWMF 2019

If you were there during Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF 2019), chances are you may still be suffering from post-RWMF withdrawal. Despite a claim on international media last year that the festival was a dying brand with no new stories being told, the festival has definitely proven the critics wrong. The

10 harsh realities of being a young Malaysian entrepreneur

Here at KajoMag, we want you to know these 10 harsh realities of being a young Malaysian entrepreneur before you decide to become one: Being an entrepreneur can be like going down rabbit hole; you never know what to expect until you make that jump. 1.Not everybody gets startup capital The number one

5 things you need to know about the black orchid

The black orchid (Coelogyne pandurata) is such a unique plant that it is the official mascot for East Kalimantan province. Also known as anggrek hitam in the Indonesian language, this orchid can be found in all three countries on Borneo; Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei. Unlike popular belief, it is not

5 things to know about Malaysian cake Apam Beras

In the Malay language, "apam" generally refers to any dessert with a fluffy texture. The batter can be made from either wheat or rice flour and then baked or steamed. So there are plenty types of apam out there such as apam balik, apam gula apong and apam gula melaka.

What you need to know about Operation Claret 1964-1966

Most Malaysians are aware about the Indonesian-Malaysian Confrontation, a conflict which happened in the years 1963-1966 as a result of Indonesia’s opposition to the creation of Malaysia. However, most may not have heard about Operation Claret, which was a long running series of secretive cross-border raids by conducted by British