How did rubber plantations become part of rural Sarawak?

In Malaysian history class, we learned that rubber plantations in the country was promoted by an Englishman named Henry Nicholas Ridley (1855-1956). He was a botanist, naturalist, and geologist who spent most of his time in Singapore. His career on this side of the globe started in 1888. He applied

Check out these six exhibitions during WAK 2019

What About Kuching (WAK 2019) is back for its third and the biggest edition yet. Featuring a total of 56 collaborations and 99 events, WAK 2019 will turn Kuching city into a hub of colourful activities between Sept 28 to Oct 27. Since its inception in 2017, WAK had been

An amusing story of papayas during WWII in Kuching

During World War II (WWII), Batu Lintang camp housed both Allied prisoners of war (POWs) and civilian internees. The living conditions within the compounds were cramped. The occupants were separated into different compounds and groups, namely British officers and non-commissioned officers (NCOs), Australian officers and NCOs, Dutch officers and NCOs,

The betrayal of Pengiran Muda Hashim and his family

Pengiran Muda Hashim (also known as Raja Muda Hashim) has famously gone down in history as the man who sought the backing of James Brooke and his schooner, the Royalist, to fight against rebels and pirates in Sarawak. Responding to the request, Brooke succeeded in controlling the uprising in Sarawak. Subsequently, Brooke