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Silat, pantun and many more at Kuching Heritage Race 2019

There were a lot of things going on other than racing at the fourth edition of Kuching Heritage Race (KHR).

Themed ‘Darul Hana Revisited’, the one-of-a-kind race kicked off at Chung Hua Middle School No 4 last Saturday on Feb 16.

About Kuching Heritage Race 2019

Almost like a small-scale Amazing Race, the race had a treasure hunt and maps were provided for participants to find stations or control points.

Every team made up of two to five people was given a ‘passport’ with clues for the location of each station. (About 60 teams took part, making this treasure hunt really competitive 😄)

At each station or checkpoint, the participants had to complete missions related to local culture and heritage.

Some of these tasks included performing the Malay martial art of silat, playing the kompang, making roti canai, completing a pantun and making air mawar.

Additionally, there were ‘brainy quizzes’ on the history and heritage of Kuching at some stations. Teams with the correct answers had a few minutes taken off their running time.

For the first time, this year’s Kuching Heritage Race took the participants through residential areas such as Kampung Muda Hashim, Kampung Dagok Timur, Kampung No. 4 and others.

With that, the race was able to introduce participants, both local and non-local, to Kuching’s heritage sites.

The team that was able locate all the stations and complete all the tasks in the shortest time was the winner.

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Last year’s champion, the Sarawak Convention Bureau, was able to hold on to their title and become the overall winner once again.

Kuching Heritage Run is also aimed to raise money for deserving underfunded projects.

Proceeds from this year’s race were channeled to several organisations including Single Mothers Association, Kuching Parkinson Society, Sarawak Society for The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SSPCA).

Kuching Heritage Race was listed on Sarawak Tourism Board (STB)’s calendar of events.

Also present during the event were permanent secretary to Kuching North City Hall (DBKU) Mayor Datuk Abang Abdul Wahab Abang Julai, Ministry of Tourism, Arts, Culture, Youth and Sports permanent secretary Hii Chang Kee and Brooke Trust director Jason Brooke.

Patricia Hului
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