10 viral TikTok recipes that you should try at least once

One of many ways the younger generation spent time during this Covid-19 pandemic was by spending time on TikTok.

This video-sharing focus social networking service from China is home to viral dance, comedy and cooking clips.

Thanks to TikTok, countless recipes have gone trendy as users keep on trying and sharing their takes of the recipes.

Out of these dozens of recipes, here are 10 viral TikTok recipes worth trying:

Dalgona coffee.

1.Dalgona Coffee

No mention of viral TikTok recipes is complete without a word about dalgona coffee.

It is a beverage made by whipping equal parts instant coffee powder, sugar and hot water until it becomes creamy before adding it to hot or cold milk.

On how it became famous is all thanks to the lockdowns that came with the pandemic.

People started to publish videos of them whipping the coffee on social media like TikTok, bringing about this beverage’s overnight fame.

Read how to make it here.

2.Baked Feta Pasta

Are you a fan of the tangy, salty, acidic taste of feta cheese? If yes, this is the pasta recipe for you.

It is so simple to make.

Throw in a block of feta, tomatoes and olive oil together in a baking dish and bake it in the oven until softened.

Later, mix it all together with pasta and fresh basil.

There are many variations of this TikTok viral recipe you can find online.

Some call for red pepper flakes and others add in roasted garlic for the extra oomph of flavour.

Read how to make it here.

3.Nature’s Cereal

In February 2021, a TikTok user @naturesfood shared a recipe that he called “nature’s cereal”.

It is basically coconut water poured over a mixture of fruits such as blueberries, strawberries and blackberries served in a bowl and eaten with a spoon like cereal.

Then it wasn’t until American singer Lizzo posted a video of herself enjoying a bowl of nature’s cereal that the recipe went viral.

Those who have tried it said the meal is an energy boost and it also helps with digestion as well as any kind of constipation issues

Read how to make it here.

4.Pancake Cereal

Pancake cereal.

Speaking of cereal, here is another viral TikTok recipe that pretty easy to make.

Take your pancake batter, instead of making a regular size pancake, use a squeeze bottle, syringe or plastic bag with the corner cut off.

Pour the batter into your choice of tool, then dispense small blobs of batter into a greased pan.

Cook these tiny pancakes into perfection. Put them into a bowl and enjoy your pancake cereal with the choice of your topping.

Read how to make it here.

5.Tortilla Wrap Hack

Rather than a new recipe, this is a fun food hack. It is basically a new method to make tortilla wrap at home.

Simply take a tortilla, cut a slit into the centre and then cover each of the four quarters of the tortilla with a different spread of ingredient.

After that, take the cut edge of the tortilla and fold it into four quarters.

The final step is to place the folded tortilla wrap in a preheated pan until it is roasted on both sides.

Read how to make it here.

Another variation of this recipe is to use seaweed instead of tortilla.

As for the fillings, use ingredients that are usually used making kimbap.

For protein, you can use luncheon meat, canned tuna, fried egg or tofu into the kimbap.

Meanwhile for veggies, use any green leafy vegetables such as lettuce or thinly slices of cucumber or carrot.

Since the seaweed is thin and easily wet, remember to squeeze out the water from any wet ingredients and do not overload your ingredients.

Read how to make it here.

6.Pesto Eggs

One of many easy viral TikTok recipes to try is pesto eggs.

We heard that Chris Evans is also a fan of this fish.

Just drops a few spoonfuls of basil pesto in a hot pan and then cracks your eggs into the pesto.

You can make scrambled egg or a sunny-side-up egg with this recipe.

Eat it like that or have it on a toast; your choice.

Read how to make it here.

7.Accordion Potatoes

Step aside Tornado Potatoes, we have a new cool kid in town and it is called Accordion Potatoes.

You guess it; the potato almost looked like an accordion at the end of this recipe. Almost.

It is actually pretty easy to make.

First of all, peel the potatoes and cut the ends off to square them up. 

Then, cut the potato lengthwise into slices to create rectangles.

After that, place the potato rectangles on your cutting board.

Do not forget to place a skewer on each side of the rectangle.

When cutting vertical slices halfway through on one side, the skewers help you not cut all the way through.

Finally bake it and enjoy it with your favourite toppings.

Read how to make it here.

8.Sushi Bake

This viral TikTok recipe is perfect for sushi lovers out there.

For the uninitiated, sushi bake is basically a deconstructed version of California roll made into a casserole.

The trend started some times in 2020.

To make one, spread the seasoned rice into a casserole dish and sprinkle with furikake.

In a large bowl, mix imitation crab meat with Kewpie mayo and cream cheese.

Then, spread the crab meat on top of the rice and sprinkle with furikake again.

Pop the sushi bake into the oven and bake it until it starts to brown.

For extra flavour, drizzle the bake sushi with extra Kewpie mayo.

Serve it with Korean seaweed snack and sliced cucumber.

Read how to make it here, here and here.

9.Cloud Bread

Perhaps one of the prettiest foods that went viral on TikTok is none other than cloud bread.

And they look like edible colourful clouds.

To make one, all you need is egg whites, sugar, cornstarch and some food colourings if you want to make your cloud bread to be colourful.

Whip your egg whites until it frothy and pale, add in the sugar until it dissolves and finally the cornstarch.

Basically, use the same technique as you making a meringue. Shape the mixture into a cloud before baking it until it turns golden.

Read how to make it here.

10.Salmon Rice Bowl

TikTok gave birth to many social media influencers and one of them is Emily Mariko.

She is known for her recipe videos filled with ASMR sounds of chopping, washing and cooking.

Mariko’s most viral video this year is when she shares a rendition of Salmon Rice Bowl.

Start by flaking the salmon and spread it on your plate. Add in rice, dash it with soy sauce, sriracha and Kewpie mayo on top.

Then, mix all the ingredients together.

To make it fancier, you can always add it other ingredients such as kimchi.

Read how to make it here.

Which viral TikTok recipe have you tried, let us know in the comment box.

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Patricia Hului

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She grew up in Bintulu, Sarawak and graduated from the University Malaysia Sabah with a degree in Marine Science.

She is currently obsessed with silent vlogs during this Covid-19 pandemic.

Due to her obsession, she started her Youtube channel of slient vlogs.

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