How a magic mushroom caused people to speak in different languages

How everyone began speaking in different languages according to a Taman legend. Have you heard of Psilocybin mushroom? Widely known as 'magic mushroom', this type of fungi is usually consumed for its hallucinogenic effects. Once consumed, the person may experience euphoria and change in consciousness, mood and even perception. They may even experience

Iban olden customary laws against adultery and elopement

Some people call it love, while others call it breaking the adat (custom). Historically, many cultures consider adultery a very serious crime, subject to severe punishment such as capital punishment, mutilation or torture. This includes the Iban people of Sarawak. According to Iban ethnologist Benedict Sandin, before Sarawak was under Brooke rule, if

What happens during a Melanau berayun ritual

Do you know what is the difference between Melanau berayun and berbayoh rituals? While both rituals were meant as healing ceremonies, berbayoh is performed for minor ailments and berayun is reserved for more serious cases. At the same time, both rituals are aimed to get rid of the spirit which caused the

The forgotten history of Travelling Dispensary No. 2 in Sarawak

Since its introduction in 1973, the Flying Doctor Service has been providing basic health services to at least 37,000 patients annually in Sarawak's rural area. The team usually comprises a medical officer, an assistant medical officer and two community nurses. Covering at least 116 remote locations, these helicopters fly out from Kuching,

Frank Marryat, the man who gave us the early drawings of Borneo

There were many adventurers who came to Borneo during the 19th century. While most of them jotted down their experiences in writing, only a few talented ones managed to capture it in drawings. One of them was Frank Marryat (1826-1855), an English sailor, author and artist. His father, Captain Frederick Marryat was