The mystery behind eight missing priests in Sabah during WWII

One of the worst things when it comes to the atrocities of war is not knowing the fate of your loved ones who went missing. When people went missing during wartime, it became logical to presume they were dead. However, without physical evidence, one may never know the circumstances surrounding their deaths. When

Frank Marryat, the man who gave us the early drawings of Borneo

There were many adventurers who came to Borneo during the 19th century. While most of them jotted down their experiences in writing, only a few talented ones managed to capture it in drawings. One of them was Frank Marryat (1826-1855), an English sailor, author and artist. His father, Captain Frederick Marryat was

James Brooke’s role in the Battle of Marudu Bay 1845

“The Battle of Marudu Bay sees James Brooke enlisting the help of the British Royal Navy in Singapore to defeat Sherif Osman, a pirate leader from North Borneo, effectively ending his piracy,” this is what you will find on the Sarawak goverment's official website of what happened in 1845. But

#KajoAsks: UINAH Ginger Beer, the beer that won’t get you drunk

With just 1.1% alcohol content, UINAH Ginger Beer does not qualify as an alcoholic beverage, according to the Non-Alcoholic Beverages regulations 362 to 384, 386 and 386A under the Food Regulations 1985. So, this beverage is the perfect drink to be enjoyed in copious amounts especially now when the weather's slightly

The legend of seven brothers and the Kinabatangan cave

Today, Kinabatangan is the capital of Kinabatangan district in Sabah’s Sandakan Division. But many generations ago, there was a cave in this area that mythical princesses called home. British explorer Frank Hatton recorded many legends and stories when he came to North Borneo (Sabah) working as a geologist.