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Ranchan Recreational Park, Serian’s famous picnic spot

Ranchan Recreational Park in Serian might not be on top of everybody’s list of places to go for recreation but on weekends, the place is famous among local people as a favourite picnic spot.

It is accessible, located about 70km from Kuching and 5km from Serian offering waterfalls and pools surrounded by rainforest.

Ranchan Recreational Park and its facilities

About 10 years ago, the facilities in the park were run-down and in need of an upgrade.

Over recent years, however, Ranchan’s facilities have improved significantly. The park now has a canteen and small eatery, a public toilet, and the trails are properly maintained.

There is a viewing tower, a suspension bridge and huts for resting.

The park even has a hall which can accommodate up to 300 people at a time. It is available for rent to host official functions, dinners, charity exhibitions or even a concert.

For those who are looking for something small, the park has a lecture room to accommodate up to 60 people.

Otherwise if you’re looking for a place to stay in Serian, Ranchan Recreational Park also offers affordable chalets to rent.

Serian District Council is responsible for managing the park.

There are several barbecue pits for visitors who are looking to roast their own food at the park.

However as the place is famous among locals and school kids, looking for nice private spots for a picnic might be difficult.

Visit this place during weekdays and you might have several pools to choose from all for yourself.

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Beware of flash floods at Ranchan

Besides being famous as a picnic spot, Ranchan is also infamously known for the ‘kepala air’ or the ‘water column’ phenomenon.

It is a natural phenomenon that occurs in the area when flash flood bursts down over the waterfall.

The management advises visitors to be cautious when taking a dip at Ranchan as this flash flood might occur anytime.

Make sure that you and your family members evacuate the area immediately when you see these signs:

  1. The first sign is the sky suddenly turns dark, especially in the hilly area and is accompanied by a the sound of thunder;
  2. The sound of falling rocks from the headwaters;
  3. Finally, water levels in the Ranchan pools will suddenly start to rise and bubble.

Here are some photos of Ranchan Recreational Park:

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