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Coconut shakes: One of the best ways to enjoy the beach in Miri

Creamy yet refreshing, Coco Loco Nuttylicious’ coconut shake is the sweet treat best enjoyed by the beach

The beach is one of the must places to visit whenever you are in Miri. From Tanjong Lobang Beach to Luak Esplanade, the Mirian coastline is full of choices for lavish seaside sights.

As one of Miri’s best and arguably most famous drinks, many have recommended trying Coco-Loco Nuttilicious’ coconut shakes whenever you are at Coco Cabana, Marina Bay.

Refreshing coconut taste

Coconut juice is proven to be beneficial for health (Image source: Pixabay)

Coco-Loco Nuttylicious’ refreshing coconut shake is pretty much made of coconut juice with coconut ice-cream and toppings of your choice.

Besides tasting so good on a hot day, coconut juice is also proven to be beneficial for your health.

Coconut juice is a natural electrolyte and is often referred as natural sport juice, made up without sugar, food colouring and artificial sweetener.

Coconut juice is also said to lower blood pressure, cholesterol level, stress and muscle tension.

The logo makes you want to go the beach

Doesn’t it make you want to go to the beach? Coco Loco at Coco Loco Nuttylicious, Marina Park City 1, Miri

Located at the Coco Cabana in Miri, the logo for this hip hangout rocks a chill 80s tropicana vibe that makes you think of days playing on the beach.

So, imagine yourself having freshly made coconut shake while staring at the sunset.

Miri is known to be hot and humid most of the time. described Miri weather as “hot, oppressive and overcast”. With average temperatures varying between 24 to 31 degrees Celsius throughout the year, you deserve to treat yourself to a cold confection against the warm climate.

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This light cold treat is the perfect contrast to Miri’s hot climate.

Besides coconut shakes, Coco-Loco also serves ice cream

Coconut flavoured ice-cream…yummm!

Who doesn’t love ice-cream? Besides the coconut shake, Coco-Loco also serves other ice cream delights plus ice-cream waffle combos that make a day at the beach extra special with your family and friends.

The coconut shake also includes a scoop of ice-cream in this signature drink. Some may think the combo may make the drink too sweet, but it’s actually got the right amount of sweetness without being too overwhelming.

Variety of toppings

Variety of toppings to choose from for your coconut drink!

The smooth coconut juice and ice-cream combo allow you to have the freedom to choose the toppings of your choice.

With a variety of toppings to choose from, this is your chance to experiment with the flavour!

Instagram food

Insta-worthy shot by a customer on their Instagram account (Image source: Coco Loco Nuttylicious)

Not only does Coco Loco’s desserts taste good, but they also look good on Instagram. Don’t you agree?

Check out their page here.

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