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A night of storytelling and poems at Nusi Poetry

Nusi Poetry was back for its second edition last Feb 2 in conjunction with the UNESCO International Year of Indigenous Languages 2019.

Initiated by Nading Rhapsody, an Avant-Garde Borneo ethnic world music ensemble, vocalist Opah Aspa explained that Nusi Poetry was an inter-ethnic and inter-language event.

“In each edition, we will show a different mosaic. This edition, we are presenting Nusi Poetry: Mosaic -Ngebat Mimpi which means ‘weaving dreams’ in Iban.”

She added, “Each and everyone of us we all have our own dreams. We spend our lives riding our own journey, weaving our way to our own dreams.”

During the event, 12 presenters from different walks of life shared their stories about achieving their dreams through poetry, chants and lyrics.

A night of storytelling and poems at Nusi Poetry

Teacher Philomina Wilson for instance, shared her story by reciting a poem called ‘Heaven’s Very Special Child’ by Edna Massimilla.

As a mother to an autistic son, she related with Massimilla who wrote the poem for her daughter who had Down syndrome.

Meanwhile, Dr Deborah Chong gave a glimpse of her life as a successful fitness athlete through a poem she wrote called ‘Dare to Dream’.

Sharing how she lived her life as a dream chaser, Chong attributed her success to her seven-year-old son who was born prematurely.

As for Raziv from local metal band Myopia, it was the first time he would actually read the lyrics of his song to his audienxe, instead of singing and yelling them out as he normally would.

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He shared about the scepticism he faced in his life for being passionate about metal music, something he experienced since he first discovered his passion at 9 years old.

Sticking true to the spirit of being an inter ethnic and inter language event, the presentations were done in different languages such as Iban, Sarawak Malay, English and Melanau.

Other poets and presenters were Gabriel Fairuz Louis, Opah Aspa, Kulleh Grasi, Ronney Bukong. Calvin Mikeng, Raygyna Hayden, Neyna Radzuan, Dauz Iezara, Zakaria Hassan and Venu K Puthankatil.

The audience was also entertained by the band Imaginasi founded in 2013 by Shahrol, Naz, Zair and Zul.

Patricia Hului
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