4 big reasons to be amazed with these iconic landmarks in Sibu

Terong Dayak

Sarawak’s Kampua Land is known for many things – food, history and interesting people, but do you know some of these iconic landmarks in Sibu?

Here are four big reasons why we should be amazed with Sibu.  

  • Sibu Central Market

One of the most iconic landmarks in Sibu is the Sibu Central Market.

It was built in 1996 on Jalan Channel opposite the Express Boat Passenger Terminal.

The Sibu Central Market is one of the biggest indoor markets in the country, with more than a thousand traders.

So, if you are thinking of getting some local goods such as local vegetables, fruits and snacks, then this indoor market is the place to be.

  • Dataran Sibu
Dataran Sibu

Dataran Sibu or Sibu Town Square is one of the most iconic landmarks in Sibu.

Being the largest town square in Malaysia, Dataran Sibu is always used to held numerous big events as it can accommodate up to thousands of people.

Before it was a town square, it was formerly the site of a sports field.

Sibu Town Square stretches from Wisma Sanyan to the bank of Batang Igan, occupying a total area of about 35 acres.

  • Wisma Sanyan
B.A.S.E Jump at Wisma Sanyan, Sibu

Wisma Sanyan is currently the tallest building in Sarawak, automatically making it one of the most iconic landmarks in Sibu.

Wisma Sanyan operates as a shopping mall and office building.

It is also used to organise several iconic events such as the Sibu Tower Run and Sibu Base Jump.

Held annually, visitors get to see jumpers jump from the top of the 126 meters building and land on the town square.

The first Sibu Tower Run was organised in 2017. In the high cardio event, runners run up 627 steps of staircase of the building.

  • UCTS
University College of Technology Sarawak (Picture source: UCTS)

Dubbed one of the most iconic landmarks in Sibu, the University College of Technology Sarawak (UCTS) is the biggest green university in Sarawak.

It is the first university in the world to be platinum-rated for the Green Building Index (GBI) award.

As a green university, UCTS reportedly uses 50% less energy than normal buildings. Its other green feature includes Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) to reduce energy consumption.

Keeping true to its green nature, UCTS also harvests rain water which is stored in the pond in front of the university. The water collected is used in the air-conditioning and plumbing, and recycled for garden use.

UCTS is owned by the Sarawak government and is one of the leading high learning institutions for technical education.

Apart from serving as an education institution, UCTS is also a famous spot for wedding photos or Instagram-loving newlyweds.