10 Japanese high school romance anime you must watch

Most famous shoujo manga or anime (aimed at a teenage female audience) circle around high school romance.

And when comes to Japanese high school romance manga, the most famous one is perhaps Boys Over Flowers or Hana Yori Dango.

It has been adapted into television dramas in five countries including Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia and China.

But if you are looking for more high school romance animes to watch, here are 10 of our suggestions:

1.Maid Sama!

10 Japanese high school romance anime you must watch

Also know as Kaicho wa Meido-sama, the anime tells the story of Misaki Ayuzawa. She is the first female student council president in a male turned co-ed high school.

She seems to be this tough, alpha female, boy-hating girl but secretly she works part time at a maid cafe.

Then, the school’s most popular boy Takumi Usui discovers her secret, and that is when the story get interesting.

What makes Maid Sama! an interesting high school romance anime to watch is the female lead is not your typical damsel in distress type.

2.Say “I Love You”

10 Japanese high school romance anime you must watch 2

This is one of those high school romance animes where a popular guy falls in love with the not popular girl.

Here the unpopular girl is Mei Tachibana, a quiet girl who does not have any friends.

The guy is Yamato Kurosawa, the school’s popular dude who jas allegedly kissed every girl in school. The story follows the ups and downs in their romantic relationship in high school.

3.Wolf Girl and Black Prince

10 Japanese high school romance anime you must watch 3

Honestly, Wolf Girl and Black Prince is romantically disturbing. Erika Shinohara is the girl who cries wolf and one of the lies she tells is that she is dating a guy whom she randomly picks out on the street.

As it turns out, the guy she picks is one of the most popular boys in school. The guy, Kyoya Sata, agrees to pretend to be her boyfriend but in return Erika has to become his ‘pet’.

So this is a high school romance anime about how far this fake relationship would go.

4. Kimi ni Todoke

10 Japanese high school romance anime you must watch 4

If you look like the ghost from The Ring in high school, chances are high that you get ostracised. For Sawako Kuronuma in Kimi ni Todoke, rumours start to spread and the whole school believe she can see ghosts.

Thankfully, things slowly got better when she makes friends with the school popular boy Shota Kazehaya.

5. Ao Haru Ride

10 Japanese high school romance anime you must watch 5

Ao Haru Ride or Blue Spring Ride revolves around Futaba Yoshioka, a high school student who has an inferiority complex. The series follows Futaba reuniting with her middle school crush Kou Tanaka who abruptly moved away to Nagasaki .
It is a story of push-pull high school romantic relationship with some friendship drama thrown in.

6. Toradora

10 Japanese high school romance anime you must watch 6

Ryuji Takasu has a crush on Minori Kushieda, Taiga Aisaka’s friend. Meanwhile, Taiga Aisaka has a crush on Yusaku Kitamura, Ryuji’s friend. Over the course of this anime, Ryuji and Taiga try to help each other with their respective crushes. After spending so much time plotting their plans together, love starts to blossom between them instead.

7. Special A

10 Japanese high school romance anime you must watch 7

High school can be a very competitive environment to be in. In anime adaptation of Special A, it really shows how competitive it can get. The series is mainly about the long-time rivalry between Hikari Hanazono and Kei Takishima in grades, sports and any kind of competitions. Secretly and interestingly, unbeknown to Hikari, Kei has feelings for her.

8. My Little Monster

10 Japanese high school romance anime you must watch 8

The plot focuses on Shizuku Mizutani, a studious girl while the boy who sits next to her in class – Haru Yoshida – is seemingly a violent and uncontrollable person but actually is kind and gentle. My Little Monster is about the duo learning how to care about each other and people around them.

9. Itazura na Kiss

10 Japanese high school romance anime you must watch 9

When Kotoko Aihara, a high school senior confesses her affections for Naoki Irie, what she gets is harsh rejection. Thinking that she can move on, things get awkward after Kotoko lost her home due to earthquake. This is when she needs to stay temporarily at her dad’s friend home, which happens to be Naoki’s home.

10.We Were There

10 Japanese high school romance anime you must watch 10

In the manga version of We Were There, the story follows Motoharu Yano and Nanami Takahashi from their high school lives to their adulthood.

Sadly, the anime did not adapt the whole series. Prepare your tissues as this is one of those tear-jerker animes about the main characters struggling with love and grief.

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