Marudi, when it was called Claudetown

Marudi is a quiet town in Sarawak famous for its kueytiaw noodles. But did you know this town was once called Claudetown (sometimes spelled as Claude Town) not Marudi? It was named Claudetown after Claude Champion de Crespigny who was the Resident of Baram district. Who was Claude Champion de Crespigny? An initial Google

Charles Hose and his love affair with Sarawak

Fort Hose in Marudi was named after Charles Hose, the then Resident of Baram. Born in 1863 in Hertfordshire, he was the son of clergyman Thomas Charles Hose. As a young man, he continued his study at Cambridge University but never completed his degree. With the help of his uncle, George Frederick Hose, the bishop of Singapore, Sarawak and Labuan, Hose landed a job in the Sarawak civil service. The fort - now officially renamed and

A visit to Fort Hose, Marudi, Sarawak

A visit to Marudi, a quiet riverine town in northern Sarawak, would be incomplete without a visit to Fort Hose. Located about 100km upriver from Kuala Baram, Marudi used to be the administrative centre of this area before Miri was founded. Today it is the largest town in Baram district. It all started in 1883 when the then-Sultan of Brunei, Sultan Abdul Momin ceded the Baram