#KajoPicks: 5 YouTube channels for people who hate working out

Do you have an ever-revolving resolutions list that includes ‘exercise’ on it? Have you ditched a workout routine because you don’t have the stamina or the mental strength?If you have come to accept that you will never have the staying power to work up to a 6-pack, that's where YouTube

20 videos you should watch on Youtube about Covid-19

During this coronavirus pandemic, fake news and conspiracy theories are also spreading like wildfire alongside the Covid-19 virus. In an effort to combat fake news, Facebook launched a coronavirus and Covid-19 information hub to provide a central resource for people to get the latest news and information. Designed to offer

What WHO wants you to know about the new coronavirus, COVID-19

Who better to tell you on what to do during this pandemic caused by COVID-19 other than the World Health Organisation (WHO)? It is a specialised agency of the United Nations responsible for international public health. The organisation’s main objective is to ensure “the attainment by all peoples of the highest

6 environmental issues of 2019 that you should know about

Looking back at 2019, there were so many environmental issues and news happening around the world that even the most closed off person would have heard about it. Getting to know more about these issues and doing something about them will be way more meaningful than criticizing TIME Magazine's person of

10 types of beauty masks you never thought you needed

At the mention of beauty masks, one immediately thinks of the facial mask. Not surprisingly though, the beauty industry has come up with so many innovations within this decade that you can find a mask for every inch of your body! Well... Not exactly every inch of your body, but gone are

6 Reasons Why You Should Visit Mount Singai

If you have not visited Mount Singai before, now is the best time to do so. Due to our love of being outdoors, KajoMag has listed six reasons why it should be on everyone’s bucket list to visit. 1. Close to town Located in Bau District, Mount Singai takes only 30 to

What you need to know about Glycemic Index (GI)

When it comes to food, there are so many numbers that we have to take note of. These include calorie count, fat content, sugar levels but there is one number that the casual dieter might not have heard of. It is the glycemic index or GI. According to the Glycemic Index website (yes,

8 easy Japanese recipes to try at home

Forget about sushi and sashimi, there are easy Japanese recipes out there for you to try at home. Fellow Asian countries like Malaysia already have the basic Japanese ingredients like rice and soy sauce. Other traditional ingredients that you might require to make your own Japanese cuisine at home are miso, dashi,

How to have your me time and why is it important?

Everybody needs 'me' time. Psychologists say having 'me' time helps reboot our brains, unwind, improve our concentration, and make us more productive. Moreover, 'me' time gives us the space for self-discovery while allowing us to think deeply. Here at KajoMag, we want you to have a meaningful and fruitful me time and these