20 craft business ideas for creative entrepreneurs

A craft business is perhaps one of the longest forms of trade. Craftsmen have been making things with their hands and selling their small-scale products before factories and machines came along and mass-produced almost everything. Nowadays, these craftsmen often identify themselves as artisans. Since many of these craft-making skills are

How to support your friend’s online business

The best thing about online businesses is that you can start one without having any startup capital. That is why many have turned to online business as a means of income or just to earn some extra dough. Besides selling your own product and services online, other types of online

10 harsh realities of being a young Malaysian entrepreneur

Here at KajoMag, we want you to know these 10 harsh realities of being a young Malaysian entrepreneur before you decide to become one: Being an entrepreneur can be like going down rabbit hole; you never know what to expect until you make that jump. 1.Not everybody gets startup capital The number one

Remember these 20 quotes before you start your start-up

What do Amazon, Apple, Disney, Google and Harley Davidson have in common (besides being multi-billion dollar companies)? They all started in garages. Yes, these gigantic business started from nothing. We are entering a new era where more people are turning to starting their own businesses or entrepreneurships instead of going

Remember these 20 quotes when choosing your business partners

Choosing the right business partners sometimes can be more intimidating than choosing your life partner. Ok, maybe not as scary as that, but it is undeniably important to choose the right business partners when starting your start-up. There are many practical reasons why you should have business partners, one of