7 book recommendations from your favourite Korean dramas

Are you looking for book recommendations? Oddly, one of the places to look for some book recommendations are K-dramas. If you have watched a dozen Korean dramas by now, you should know how much K-dramas love books. Sometimes, books are mentioned to build up the character background, or to make the character

Frank Marryat, the man who gave us the early drawings of Borneo

There were many adventurers who came to Borneo during the 19th century. While most of them jotted down their experiences in writing, only a few talented ones managed to capture it in drawings. One of them was Frank Marryat (1826-1855), an English sailor, author and artist. His father, Captain Frederick Marryat was

KajoPicks: 10 literary detectives that we love

When it comes to fiction, who doesn't love a good crime novel? Not only are the mysteries fascinating, but the characters themselves are essential to any compelling mystery crime fictions, be it in short stories or novels. There are all kinds of literary detectives out there; from private investigators to