Recycle a MAGGI® Hot Cup, get another one free!


MAGGI® has created the MAGGI®Hot Cup Recycling Bin – shaped like a giant MAGGI® Hot Cup and made from more than 3,000 recycled MAGGI® Hot Cups as part of MAGGI®’s efforts to reduce waste and encourage recycling in Malaysia.

These recycling bins will be conveniently placed at selected retail outlets and at MAGGI® roadshows so that consumers can easily recycle their used MAGGI® Hot Cup containers. Upon recycling one clean MAGGI® Hot Cup container at these recycling bins, consumers will each receive one free MAGGI® Hot Cup in return. MAGGI® will be working with Upcycle Shack to collect back the used Hot Cups to upcycle them to produce more recycling bins

Nestlé Malaysia Sustainability Initiative 

As part of global efforts to tackle the plastic waste crisis, Nestlé, the world’s largest food and beverage company, declared its global commitments to a waste-free future in 2019, including making all of its packaging recyclable or reusable by 2025.

On-Pack Recycling Guide Box

  • In 2020, Nestlé Malaysia introduced a harmonized recycling labelling system on all Nestlé product packaging to better educate and encourage Malaysians to responsibly dispose their Nestlé product packaging post-consumption.
  • The on-pack Recycling Guide Box uses simple illustrations to inform consumers on the recyclability of each component in the product packaging, as well as which bin each component belongs to. The labelling system also tells consumers when a certain component is not recyclable, so that they would be able to separate the trash from the recyclable materials easily.
    • Nestlé Malaysia is targeting to incorporate the Recycling Guide Box in at least 80% of all Nestlé recyclable packaging by 2021, with the objective to reach 100% in 2022.