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KajoPicks: Top 11 Series on Netflix with 10 or Less Episodes

Just one more episode of Netflix…..

Kajopicks: Top 11 Series on Netflix with 10 or less episodes (Picture source: Pixabay)
Top 11 Series on Netflix with 10 or less episodes (Picture source: Pixabay)

For people who don’t have the staying power to watch a series with more than 10 episodes on Netflix, it can be pretty draining to wait for the ending.

So here are the top 11 series on Netflix with 10 or less episodes per season that you can binge-watch over the weekend.

  • The Many Faces of Ito (Japanese)
The Many Faces of Ito: Who is he?

Rom-com screenwriter Rio Yazaki has a big hit four years ago for a popular drama series. However, ever since then, she has been under a dry spell. For inspiration, she tricks four different women into telling their love problems under the pretence of giving love advice. Due to a twist of fate, the love interest of all the women is named “Ito”. As Rio discovers later, all the Itos in the women’s stories refer to the same guy.

With just eight episodes, you will be glad it is a short series as you will be dying to know who Ito really is.

Number of episodes per season: 8

Current number of Seasons: 1

  • Pose (USA)
Pose makes you want to listen to Madonna’s ‘Vogue’ on repeat

If you are into fabulosity, opulence and dramatic entrances, then you should definitely watch Pose.

Pose is set in 1987 in New York City, taking place in the life of African and Latino American ballroom culture scene. After a dispute with her house mother, a HIV-positive transwoman, Blanca Rodriquez-Evangelista (formerly Abundance) decides to leave and start her own house (House of Evangelista).

Her house children include talented homeless dancer Damon-Richard Evangelista, transwoman sex worker Angel Evangelista, Damon’s boyfriend Ricky Evangelista and drug dealer Esteban ‘Lil Papi’ Martinez-Evangelista.

Now, some of you might be confused (but hopefully intrigued) with the terms ‘House’, ‘Mother’ and ‘ballroom’. But trust me, if you just watch one episode it will all make sense.  

The second season takes place in 1990 after Blanca has full-blown AIDS.

Pose has been renewed for a third season.

Number of episodes per season: 8 (10 for Season 2)

Current number of Seasons: 2

  • On My Block (USA)
On My Block: Not your typical drama in high school

On My Block is a coming-of-age series that centres around a group of 14-year-olds entering high school in Los Angeles. While navigating the ups and downs of high school life, On My Block follows the story of four best friends as they land themselves in a money heist plot in their neighbourhood. Apart from the adorable characters, the absurd yet chaotic plotline of On My Block is never boring. The endings of the first and second seasons will leave you hang and wanting to know more.

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On My Block has been renewed for a third season.

Number of episodes per season:  10

Current number of Seasons: 2

  • Derry Girls (UK)
Derry Girls, the opposite of Mean Girls.

Derry Girls reminds me a lot of Mean Girls, if they were the unpopular kids. This series Netflix made it to our top 11 list due to its quirky storyline and lovable characters.

Derry Girls takes place in the 1990s in the city of Derry, Northern Ireland during the the decades-long conflict between Irish nationalists and United Kingdom loyalists. At what seems like the most intense period, the girls provide much laughter and hilarity even during the most mundane momentd of their librd.

With just 6 episodes for each season, you can easily finish this series in just a day.

Number of episodes per season:  6

Current number of Seasons: 2

  • Midnight Diners (Japanese)
Midnight Diner: Good food and a sympathetic ear.

For those on a diet, I strongly recommen NOT watching this in the middle of the night.

The series focuses on its main character, the chef known as ‘Master’ and his relationship with his customers. As his diner only opens at midnight, Master has a niche group of customers. These include those who work late into night or when their shifts start late at night as well as those who are just plain lonely. These people include pensioners, yakuza, prostitutes, a taxi driver and a lonely housewife. Midnight Diners highlights how Master listens intently to his customers’ colourful yet sad life struggles as he serves them their favourite dish.

So, imagine having Master as a therapist who served you delicious food every time you visit him.

Number of episodes per season:  10

Current number of Seasons: 4

  • The Cravings (Korea)
The Cravings: Literal foodporn

When newly single Jegal Jae-young breaks up with her boyfriend, she does what she loves best; EAT.

Apart from her unwelcome status, she also has to deal with work struggles and people who comment on her looks and weight. #rude

However, when she gets home after work, Jae-young will make sure to make time to cook dishes that she craves. What sets The Cravings apart from other food series is that, each episode is only 10 minutes long. So, you can finish one season in just under an hour. Towards the end of each episode, the scene showcases how Jae-young prepares her favourite dishes. So, viewers will get to see different delicious yet simple Korean recipes.

Think of it as a Korean cooking show but with a plot.

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Number of episodes per season:  6 (10 for Season 2)

Current number of Seasons: 2

  • Kingdom (Korea)
Kingdom: A zombie apocalypse

Next on the list of top 11 series on Netflix with 10 or less episode to watch is Kingdom.

This series has been listed in one of our articles for its zombie plot. However, as it fits in this category, it is worth mentioning that you can binge-watch Kingdom in just one day.

Kingdom is renewed for a second season which is set to be release in 2020.

Number of episodes per season:  6

Current number of Seasons: 1

  • The Umbrella Academy (USA)
The Umbrella Academy: It’s like Hogwarts but not really

With its quirky storyline and equally eclectic characters, The Umbrella Academy is like a Nanny McPhee spin-off if it was directed by Quentin Tarantino.  

The Umbrella Academy follows the life of six orphans from different parts of the world with supernatural abilities. They are adopted by a mysterious billionaire, Sir Reginald Hargreeves who trains the children to be superheroes. Instead of giving them names, he calls them by numbers. They are however given names by their robot mother who is invented by their father. Sadly, out of the seven orphans he adopted, one was killed before the series started. The series follows the characters as they try to stop the apocalypse from coming.

The series centres around Luther (Number Two) who has super strength, Diego (Number Two) who has the ability to throw his knives in curved trajectories, Allison (Number Three) who can manipulate people by spreading rumours, Klaus (Number Four) who can see the dead and Ben, Number Five (the only one who has no name) who can time travel, the deceased Ben (Number Six) who can turned into a monster and Vanya (Number Seven) who can manipulate wave into destructive force.

The Umbrella Academy is renewed for a second season.

Number of episodes per season:  10

Current number of Season: 1

  • Russian Doll (USA)
Russian Doll : Imagine having to die over and over again

If you are into dark humour and unusual plot, then Russian Doll is for you.

The series centre around cynical software engineer, Nadia who repeatedly dies during her 36th birthday. Having been trapped in a time loop where she dies and returns back alive to her birthday party, Nadia try to figure out a way out from experiencing death over and over again.
To be honest, I am not a big fan of a repetitive story line. However, Russian Doll gives out a different plot every time Nadia comes back to life.

Apart from that, the Russian Doll only has eight episodes, each 25 minutes long. So, this series is perfect if you are looking something to binge-watch in just one night.

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Number of episodes per season:  8

Current number of Seasons: 1

  • Queer Eye (USA)
Queer Eye: Fabulous superheroes with a good sense of style

Queer Eye (2018) made it to our top 11 drama series on Netflix with 10 or less episode you need to watch for various reasons.

First, it broke the stereotypes that good skin care routine, eating healthy, dressing well and grooming are reserved for gay men. Second, regardless of what body type you are, there are clothes made for you. Third, it is nice to see straight men opening up instead of bottling up their feelings, thus combating toxic masculinity. And fourth, people can be accepting towards each other regardless of their background.  

The makeover show revolves around five gay men of various specialties going around America giving straight men (and sometimes women) makeovers. They are culture expert Karamo Brown, grooming expert Jonathan Van Ness, food expert Anthony Porowski, fashion designer Tan France and interior designer Bobby Berk. Once they are done throwing pixie dust around the ‘hero’, he or she is transformed after spending a few days with the Fab 5.

The show explores various cultural and racial issues as well as religious barriers in America. Our cultural, racial and religious issues might differ from those in America, but what the show is trying to convey is kindness, acceptance and that love is the way to be.

Queer Eye has been renewed for a fifth season.

Number of episodes per season:  8

Current number of Seasons: 4

  • Tidying Up with Marie Kondo (Japan-USA)
Tidying Up with Marie Kondo: You have been blessed with her presence

If you have not heard of Marie Kondo’s battle cry ‘KonMari’ before, then you might want to add it to your lexicon.

This reality show made it into our top 11 list because it is a soul cleanser. It is also not your typical home makeover show where people come in and redo your house. Instead, it features Japanese organising consultant Marie Kondo coming into various family homes and helping to declutter their space by getting of things that do not “spark joy”. By the end, each family will be left with a tidy and organised home and a clutter-free mind. And what makes this show so addictive is that it actually shows that tidying up is not difficult once you make up your mind to do it. 

After watching it, you will be wondering, does owning 65 pair of shoes give you joy?

Number of episodes per season: 8

Current number of Seasons: 1

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