KajoPicks: 5 webtoons that are in dying need of K-drama adaptations

Every year, we have seen many webtoons that have been adapted into K-dramas.

And we have also watched many Korean dramas that we did not know actually were adapted from webtoons.

For those who read the webtoons first, we can’t help but make comparisons between the artwork and the real-life adaptation.

The first and most important question we always ask is: “Did they cast the right actor and actress for the webtoon characters?”

While we appreciate that K-dramas these days are constantly bringing our favourite webtoons to life, there are still some really good ones out there that are in dying need of TV adaptations:

So here five webtoons that need to be adapted into K-dramas and KajoMag’s dream cast for every series:

1.The Wolf & Red Riding Hood

The Wolf & Red Riding Hood is a comedy webtoon original created by Xuann.

It follows high school student Anna who wakes up one day to find that she is super hairy and has an unnatural appetite for meat.

Later, Anna realises that she is slowly turning into a werewolf.

Since Anna is a high school student, we really want a young actress to play this role.

One actress that pops up in our mind is Kim Hyun-soo who is known for her role Bae Ro-na from the Penthouse: War in Life.

We would love to see her taking up a comedic role.

While So Ju-yeon’s appearance as Han So-mang in Seasons of Blossom (2022) kinda reminds us of the webtoon character with the short haircut, she is a bit too old to play Anna at the age of 28.

But then again if 32-year-old Kim Tae-ri pulled off playing a high school student in Twenty-Five Twenty-One (2022), maybe So Ju-yeon could also do the same.

Webtoo Drama Adaptation 1
What do you think? Anna (left) and So Ju-yeon

Check out the webtoon here

2.Devil Number 4

Since there are many romantic love stories between human and non-human beings such as in Goblin (2016), Tale of the Nine Tailed (2020), K-drama fans would definitely love this adaptation.

Devil Number 4 follows the story of Hanna Yoon. She is a poor college student who struggles to get by.

One day, she is approached by Number 4, a devil who promises to give her a wish in exchange for a soul.

Hanna, on the other hand, is not ready to part with her soul. Number 4, being a high-ranked official in Satan’s corporate ladder, is not willing to give up.

He goes as far as offering Hanna a job at his coffee shop in order to convince her to give up her soul.

Readers who have read Devil Number 4 must have cried and laughed through the series and we expect to do the same if there is a drama adaptation.

When the webtoon first came out in 2018, it had already garnered a lot of attention. Fans also came up with their imaginary cast for a fantasy drama adaptation.

For Number 4, they wanted Joo Ji-hoon who is known for his work in Princess Hours (2006), Along with the Gods and Kingdom.

As for the role of Hanna Yoon, the actress chosen by the fans is Kim So-hyun. The former child actress has a steady acting career and has starred in many hit series such as Who Are You: School (2015), Hey Ghost, Let’s Fight (2016), Radio Romance (2018) and Tale of Nokdu (2019).

As much as we love Joo, the 17 year age gap between him and Kim would just be too much for us.

To fit our vision of the perfect Number 4, we have Yoon Si-Yoon in mind.

He is versatile in his acting and we are sure he can pull off a supernatural character like the devil.

Webtoon Drama Adaptation 1
Number 4 (left) and Yoon Si-yoon.
Webtoon Drama Adaptation 2
Hanna (left) and Kim So-hyun.

Check out the first episode of Devil Number 4 on Webtoon here.

3.My Dear Cold-Blooded King

This webtoon is one of the best action, romantic and historical publications on the app.

It follows the story of Kihara Mei who has a strong-willed personality.

She is born a simple farm girl who grew up working as a merchant while her family sold fruit for survival.

One thing leads to another and Mei finds herself working in the Blood King’s palace.

Mei has two love interests Asukai Katsu and Ryusaki Hayate. Both carry secrets and it is interesting to know how their relationships with our female lead character grow as she slowly learns about the secrets that the Blood King’s palace hides.

For the role Kihara Mei, we would love to see a Korean actress who is trained in martial arts.

On the top of our heads are of course are Ha Ji-won and Park Shin-hye. Ha for instance, has learned kendo while Park is known for her boxing skill.

Another one actress who might be perfect as Mei is Han So-hee. She has proven that she is talented in action roles through My Name (2021).

Webtoon Korean Drama Adaptation 5
Kihara Mei (left) and Ha Ji-won (right).

Meanwhile, Ryusaki Hayate is a handsome, young man with long black hair.

He has a flirtatious and cheeky personality which also works as a mask to hide his true motive sometimes.

We imagine Lee Joon-gi and Ji Chang-wook to be the perfect Ryusaki.

Apart for the reason that they are undeniably talented for the role, both actors have the look too.

We have seen Lee rocking Ryusaki-type of hairstyle in Iljimae (2008) and Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (2016).

Ji’s portrayal of Baek Dong-soo in the historical action drama Warrior Baek Dong-soo (2011) also reminds of Ryusaki.

Asukai Katsu on the other hand has a long straight silver-white hair and green eyes. His appearance reminds us of Choi Siwon and Jung Ill-woo.

Both actors have that historical royalty vibe and both have taken up action roles before.

Webtoon Drama Adaptation 3
Ryusaki Hayate (left) and Lee Joon-ki
Webtoon Drama Adaptation 4
Asukai Katsu (left) and Jung Il-woo (right)

Check out the webcomic here.

4.Age Matters

Created by Enjelicious for Webtoon, the series ran on the app from Aug 20, 2018 till Sept 7, 2021.

It follows the story of 29-year-old Rose Choi as she tries to pick up her life after being dumped by her ex-boyfriend.

While looking for a job, she takes over her best friend’s job to cook and deliver meals to a mysterious boss.

As it turns out, the mysterious boss is a young, handsome CEO named Daniel Yoon.

Rose is subsequently hired to be Daniel’s personal assistant despite the fact they do not get along in the first place.

The story explores the themes that we are familiar with in K-dramas such as ‘noona’ romance, office romantic relationship and family conflict.

There are many young Korean actors that would fit perfectly to the role of Daniel Yoon but here at KajoMag, we want to see Kim Min-kyu as our Daniel.

After playing the chief secretary Cha Sung-hoon in Business Proposal (2022), we would love to see a promotion to his fictional career and finally become a CEO in a drama.

As for the mature, strong-willed character of Rose, Choi Soo-young can be our female leading role.

We have seen Choi’s constant growth in her career from being a K-pop idol in Girls’ Generation to taking up more prominent roles in her acting.

For that, we would love to see what she could bring as Rose Choi.

Webtoon Drama Adaptation 6
Daniel Yoon (left) and Kim Min-kyu (right)
Webtoon Drama Adaptation 7
Rose Choi (left) and Choi Soo-young

Check out the webtoon here

5.Scorching Romance

Here is another high school webtoon that is worthy of a K-drama adaptation.

It follows the story of high-schooler Ember who is constantly hot, as in having a high body temperature.

Ember also has a hot temper that comes along with her hot bodily temperature.

What happens when she encounters a fellow schoolmate who is the opposite of her?

Instead of feeling hot all the time, Aspen is constantly shivering with cold.

Overall, the webtoon is fun to read especially watching the development of relationship between the two polar opposite people, Ember and Aspen.

For our imaginary cast, we want fresh blood for the drama adaptation of Scorching Romance.

Well, these actors are not exactly fresh but they still need more work to gain more recognition that they deserve.

So far we have seen Kim Min-ki in supporting roles such as True Beauty (2020) and Under The Queen’s Umbrella (2022).

It is about time to have his first leading role, so how about the role of Aspen?

As for the feisty role of Ember, Yoon Seo-A left deep impression in her role as Seo Ji-wan in Nevertheless (2021). Thus, we would love to see her exploring different types of roles.

Webtoon Korean Adapation 9
Aspen (left) and Kim Min-ki
Webtoon Korean Drama Adaptation 8
Ember (left) and Yoon Seo-A

Check out the webcomic here.

What do you think of our imaginary cast for these imaginary drama adaptations of webtoons?

Let us know in the comment box which webtoons you would like to see to come to life?

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