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Celebrating food, craft and arts with Sarawak Culinary Adventure

A visitor trying to capture a serunding-making demonstration on video.

India Street Pedestrian Mall, which is usually quiet at night came alive during the recent Sarawak Culinary Adventure from July 6 to 8.

Themed “A Celebration of Food. Craft. Arts.”, the event was organised by the Sarawak Culinary Heritage and Arts Committee.

The committee is a nonprofit group aiming to introduce Sarawak’s rich and diverse cuisines as a platform to promote tourism.

A celebration of food, craft and arts with Sarawak Culinary Adventure

India Street Pedestrian Mall came alive at night during the Sarawak Culinary Adventure festival.

More than 50 stalls selling about 120 dishes from the Iban, Kayan, Kenyah, Bidayuh, Melanau, Malay, Punjabi, North Indian, Kelabit and Chinese communities.

For three nights, foreign and local visitors alike flocking more than 150-year-old street for to taste the various culinary heritage of Sarawak.

Guests were able to choose from Foochow’s Mee Sua, to Kayan’s dinu (rice fritters) and Iban’s ayam pansoh (chicken cooked in bamboo).

Sape player Danison Manium giving a live demonstration of sape music.

During the event, patrons were also treated to different Sarawak musical heritage such as Orang Ulu’s Sape, Indian dhol and Bollywood dancing, Chinese opera as well as Melanau bamboo dance.

Hyped with the great food and exciting music, the street was turned into a dance floor at some points with visitors from different age and races dancing together.

Another highlight of the event was the KINO Heritage Live Kitchen, a free workshop and live demonstration to give visitors a hands-on experience of preparing some of Sarawak signature cuisine.

All business in the chapati-making competition.

These workshops include how to make Melanau linut, Malay serunding, ketupat weaving and even Chinese mooncake.

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On top of the food, music and dancing, Sarawak Culinary Adventure gave local crafters a platform to promote their crafts such as bead necklaces, handmade soaps and sape.

There were plenty of Sarawak crafts on sale too.

The culinary event kept the environment in mind by preparing bins for proper food waste disposal.

Local social enterprise WormingUp was there to collect the waste and also educate the visitors on food waste dilemma.

The Sarawak Culinary Adventure festival was also held in conjunction with the Rainforest Fringe Festival from July 6 to 15 in Kuching.

Erhu and ruan players performing on stage during Sarawak Culinary Adventure.
A dancer in Orang Ulu warrior attire performing at India Street.
A vendor making oyster omelette.
The Chinese Opera troupe performing a traditional piece.
Get to know Sarawak’s unique edible jungle seeds and fruits.
Barbecued goodies anyone?
A stall selling books by Sarawak authors.
A festival goer browsing through the array of bead jewellery.
Did somebody call me? Sarawak Culinary Heritage and Arts Committee president Datin Dona Drury Wee enjoying the festivities.
Sarawak Culinary Adventure was a place to enjoy good food make toasts to new and old friends.
A festival is not a festival until there’s dancing!
A demonstration on how to make Malay ginger serunding.
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