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Top 8 Reasons Why You Should Watch Sense8 on Netflix

Warning: This article contains spoilers.

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When Sense8 was cancelled in 2017, fans all over the globe were devastated.

Created by the Wachowski siblings, it was a great science fiction drama series for anybody to enjoy. Unfortunately, Netflix cancelled the third season citing not enough viewership for the high production cost (cheatsheet.com reported that it costs $108 million per episode).

Now that Neflix announced a two-hour special finale for Sense8, here are the top 8 reasons why you should start binge watching this drama series.

1. Mind-blowing plot-line

the gang
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Sense8 tells a story of eight strangers linked together through psychic connection.

The eight form a cluster known as Sensates, human beings that are emotionally and mentally linked together. Through this, they can sense each other’s feelings, emotions and even possess each other’s knowledge and skills.

While trying to figure out how and why they are connected, the Sensates were hunted down by the Biologic Preservation Organization (BPO) and Whispers, a high-ranking sensate inside BPO.

The first episode of the first series introduces the main characters and how they live their lives separately before discovering each other.

In the second season, you see the characters grow closer together as they are accustomed to each other’s daily lives and emotions.

2. Diverse characters

Sense8 is made up of diverse multiracial characters of different professional backgrounds.

You have Capheus Onyango, a matatu driver from Nairobi; Sun Bak, a daughter of a powerful businessman from Seoul who is also an underground boxer; Nomi Marks, a hacker from San Francisco; Kala Dandekar, a chemist from Mumbai; Riley Blue, a Icelandic deejay; Wolfgang Bogdanow, a locksmith and safe-cracker from Berlin; Lito Rodriguez, a Spanish actor and Will Gorski, a Chicago police officer.

Apart from the multiracial cast, Sense8 is also notable for representing and revolving around the LGBTQ community and themes.

For instance, it features Nomi, a trans woman in a relationship with a woman and Lito, a closeted gay actor living with his boyfriend.

Sense8 also explores interracial romance and how it affects the relationship between Kala and Wolfgang.

3. The Wachowskis

Sense8 is written and mostly directed by the Wachowskis.

Besides Sense8, other notable work by the Wachowskis includes The Matrix, Cloud Atlas, Ninja Assassin and V for Vendetta.

With so much great work produced by them, fans can expect to see great plot packed with mind-blowing action scenes.

4. The fight scenes

As expected from the Wachowskis, Sense8 is not short of fight scenes.

My particular favourite fight scene is just about whenever Sun appears on screen.

One of the few characters on the show with a solid fighting background – she’s supposed to be an underground boxing champion – her fight scenes are satisfying to watch, graceful and fluid.

Sun in one of the many awesome fighting scenes

And being part of the Sensates, each of the character can channel Sun whenever they encounter danger.

5. Telepathic connection between the gang members

Sense8 gang
The Sensates are able to feel each other’s emotions and possess each other’s skills

Being part of the Sensates, the characters are able to feel each other’s emotions as well as experience each other’s surroundings.

Sense8 gang 2
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Sense8 is interesting, fresh and quirky as it involves linking eight random strangers together and how they get to know each other on personal levels.

6. It  has two awesome seasons

With only 23 episodes between two seasons, you will have plenty of time to binge watch Sense8.

The first season consist of 12 episodes while the second season has 11.

7. Those damn cliff-hangers in Season 2

In the final episode, Woflgang was captured and the Sensates were seen leaving on plane to save him The multiracial cast of Sense 8 (Image source: www.imdb.com)

For somebody who has been emotionally invested and attached to the Sensates since episode 1, the cancellation of Sense8 is just disrespectful.

Not only that, the final episode on Season 2 has a truckload of cliff hangers that deserve closure.

For instance, in the final episode the gang was seen getting ready to board the plane (from their respective countries) to save Wolfgang.

For those who have been religiously keeping up with Sense8, this is a huge moment as this would be the first time all of them would physically meet each other.

Apart from that, other cliff hangers that deserves a closure includes whether Sun will find justice for her father’s death after escaping from prison, Naomi and Amanita (Naomi’s girlfriend)’s wedding and whether Capheaus will win the election.

8. The third and final season airs in June

After so many cliff hangers left in season 2, fans all over the globe were left hanging as to what would happened to the Sensates.

Finally, Netflix finally announced that Sense8 is renewed for its third and final season giving fans the closure they deserve.

The much awaited conclusion will air a two hour series finale on Netflix on June 8th.

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