How Dayak peacemaking ceremonies were carried out during the 19th century?

Modern day peacemaking usually has some hand-shaking gesture and official announcement in front of the media if it has gathered public interest. In 19th century Sarawak, peacemaking ceremonies back then were somehow more interesting. It usually involved some kind of tajau (jar) being exchanged and sometimes even human sacrifice. Here, KajoMag

12 Indonesia-Malaysia combats during Konfrontasi you should know

Also known as Konfrontasi, the Indonesia-Malaysia Confrontation was an undeclared war with most of the battles happening between Kalimantan (Indonesia) and East Malaysia. The confrontation was a result from Indonesia’s opposition to the creation of Malaysia. Initially, Indonesian attacks on East Malaysia comprised of local volunteers trained by the Indonesian

7 types of mental illness according to Murut traditional beliefs

In January 1968, the Psychiatric Specialist-in-Charge of Sarawak Mental Hospital K.E. Schmidt published a paper called ‘Some Murut Concepts of Mental Illness’ in the International Journal of Social Psychiatry. The Murut people are an indigenous ethnic group found in the southwest interior of Sabah, northern part of Sarawak, Brunei and North

How Dayak climbers helped in foreign expeditions

We have often heard of Sherpas and Nepalese mountain climbers, but did you know that Dayak climbers from Borneo were often recruited by westerners during scientific expeditions? These adventures took these Dayak climbers out of Borneo way back in the early part of the 20th century. Hendrikus Albertus Lorents and his Dayak

Tengkawang Oil, the Butter from Nature

During a traditional food festival in Lanjak in West Kalimantan, Indonesia, no preservative or artificial flavouring such as MSG was used in any of the dishes. This also includes the oil they used for cooking which was substituted with tengkawang oil. The traditional food festival was held at Lanjak, West

The Dayak-Madurese conflicts in Kalimantan, and what led up to them

Even as a kid growing up in Malaysia, particularly Sarawak, there's a big chance you might have heard about the bloody interracial conflicts going on in Kalimantan between their native Dayak groups and the Madurese people. The Dayak-Madurese conflicts caught the attention of international media during the late 90s and