KajoPicks: Check out these four coffee places in Bintulu

Apart from shopping complex, Bintulu is currently witnessing the rising number of different kind of eateries. These include coffee places offering good coffee from dirty coffee to nitrogen-infused java and relaxing ambience for patrons to just hang out. Here are four coffee places in Bintulu, Sarawak you need to check

3 trails in Similajau National Park you must visit

The nearest national park to the energy town of Sarawak, Bintulu, is Similajau National Park. Widely known by its official name, 'Similajau' in the early days of the park’s establishment, locals preferred to call it ‘Likau’ after the biggest river flowing through the area. The national park is more than just

Take part in a gastronomic adventure at Pasar Malam Bintulu

One of the many things you should never miss during a trip to the 'energy town' of Sarawak is a visit to Pasar Malam Bintulu. Pasar Malam Bintulu, or the Bintulu Night Market, operates daily from 5pm to 10pm near the town’s old airport. A signage leading you to Pasar Malam Bintulu. Vegetables

Your complete guide to Sarawak Teh C Peng Special

If Sarawak had a national drink, that beverage would definitely be Teh C Peng Special. A drink that you can order throughout Sarawak, it is also known as three-layer tea because of how its ingredients look in the glass before you give it a really good stir. Basically it is a beverage made