‘Lets WAK The Funny’ to bring fresh faces and fresh laughs

‘Lets WAK The Funny’ to bring fresh faces and fresh laughs

WAK – I Laugh KL
Let’s WAK the Funny features (from left) Jhonney Athie, Niamh Spurr, Brian Tan, Brendan Goh, Hindravel and Juliana Heng.

KUCHING: One of the first comedy acts to kick off What About Kuching (WAK) 2019 is ‘Let’s WAK the Funny’ presented by I Laugh KL.

Featuring an all-inclusive and diverse cast of the freshest faces in Malaysian stand-up comedy, these funny people are ready to entertain by bringing their own unique brand of jokes to Kuching. 

Brendan Goh is the debutante of this ball. This part actor, part comedian, part writer and all out mess just wants to entertain. His comedy is deeply personal yet witty and funny, but Brendan is not someone trying to be a star. He is a star waiting to be found.    

The sassy Niamh Spurr, the group’s resident Irish lass, believes that she will feel right at home with the people of Sarawak, especially with the Ibans. Like the Irish, they both begin with I and they both love to drink. She is a woman at an age where she spends all her annual leaves attending weddings. There’s no doubt this female comedian will resonate with the hearts of all the women… and the men saving their money to buy rings. 

Jhonney Athie is a Thai-Sabahan mix who is an expert in snail gender identification, Sabahan housing and development and most importantly, the Thai massage. This lower energy comic maybe a bit more subdued than everyone in this line up but he makes it up with killer punchlines that will make you roar with laughter and think more after.

Juliana Heng calls herself quirky and she is very much so. When you see her, you will see that she is short but as the ever-optimistic person that she is, she’ll say that she’s a person that’s just a little more down to earth. Openly a part of the autism spectrum, she knows how it is to be stigmatised but doesn’t let that deter her to stop being polite, start getting real and deliver punchy jokes.

The charming Hindravel is from Klang. Born from working class grit but has the charm of a man with a silver spoon, Hindravel brings the funny while being so relatable to any Malaysian. A staple in the Malaysian stand-up comedy scene, he has performed in English and Tamil at the Joke Factory.   

Show headliner Brian Tan has the mind of an acerbic comedian and the face that mysteriously attracts every credit card seller in town. A seven-year veteran, Brian certainly knows how to bring the funny. Whether it is with Funny Business or 1MCB (1Malaysia Comedians Bureau), this funny and charming man has made people laughing out loud and yet somehow leave them inspired. His one-hour show, ‘Since 1982’ has opened to rave reviews in KL and this is all just the beginning.  

Let’s WAK the Funny will be doing a total of three shows between September 27 and 28 at Old Courthouse Kuching. For tickets, Juliana at 018-2012986 or book your preferred show at Friday – https://stubapp.com/event/697 (Sept 27, 8.30pm), https://stubapp.com/event/699 (Saturday – Sept 28, 3pm) or https://stubapp.com/event/698 (Saturday – Sept 28 @ 8.30pm).

Tickets are at RM45 online or via phone booking, while it is RM 50 at the door. 

This is a mature show intended for audiences over the age of 18.

For more enquiries and information, please visit Let’s WAK the Funny on Facebook or check out the ILaughKL on Instagram. The page has more content like stand-up comedy clips, cast interviews and more from production partners, Epykslion Production and Goodtimes Ticketing. 

This event is part of What About Kuching 2019. For more information or to download our calendar, visit aboutkuching.com.  Programme booklet are also available for free across Kuching. For updates, find WAK on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter under @aboutkuching. Join the buzz by hashtagging #WAK2019, #WAK and #aboutkuching.

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