5 countries we want to visit after watching Korean dramas

Nowadays, more and more Korean dramas are being filmed in other countries.

Their production teams did an excellent job in looking for breathtaking locations that leave viewers wanting to be transported together with their favourite stars as well.

Here are five countries with scenic filming locations we want to visit after watching Korean dramas:

1.  Canada (Goblin)
5 countries we want to visit after watching Korean dramas 5
We’ve lost count how many times this building, the Chateau Frontenac, has appeared in the Goblin (2016). Credits: Pixabay.

Who can forget the scene in Goblin (2016) where Gong Yoo (Kim Shin) and Kim Go-eun (Ji Eun-tak) are walking in the park with maple leaves falling gracefully around them?

This particular scene was filmed at Parc Samuel-Hollande in Quebec, Canada.

After watching the goblin and his bride exploring Quebec city, we too want to shop for Christmas deco at La Boutique de Noel, sit at the green pasture of Parc du Bastion-de-la-Reine and stay a night at the Chateau Frontenac Hotel.

2. Slovenia (Black Knight)
5 countries we want to visit after watching Korean dramas
Remember the part in Black Knight when Shin Se-kyung’s character fell down the hill while taking a photo in front of this castle? We bet many viewers lost their minds the moment the camera zoomed in on Kim Rae-won’s expression with the glaring sunlight behind him while he comes to Shin’s rescue. Credits: Pixabay.

This is perhaps the most beautiful and picturesque country on this list.

After Dear My Friends (2016) and Black Knight (2017) were filmed in this country, reports showed that tourists -particularly from South Korea – had been flocking to this Central European country.

Can we blame them? While we would never be able to have Kim Rae-won drive us around Bled town and be our personal photographer like he did for Shin Se-kyung in Black Knight, we still want to follow in their footsteps and have an ice-cream in Piran, pose for a photo in front of Renaissance castle of Predjama and drink a cup of mulled wine in Ljubljana.

3. Macao (Boys over Flowers)
5 countries we want to visit after watching Korean dramas 4
St. Paul’s Ruins have starred in several Korean dramas including Boys over Flowers. Credits: Pixabay.

This Las Vegas of Asia is the filming location for many Korean dramas including Boys over Flowers, Neighbourhood Hero, Goong and Fated to Love You.

All of these dramas have inspired viewers to visit Macao’s tourist hotspots such as Senado Square, St. Paul’s Ruins and Coloane Island.

4. Hungary (Doctor Stranger)
5 countries we want to visit after watching Korean dramas 2
Walk on the footsteps of Lee Jong-suk by visiting this iconic landmark of Budapest, Chain Bridge. Credits: Pixabay

The architecture in Budapest, Hungary is insanely beautiful. Thus, it was no surprise Doctor Stranger (2014) chose this country as one of its filming locations.

In Doctor Stranger, Lee Jong-suk and Jin Se-yeon are riding a motorcycle in Budapest.

One of the iconic buildings you can spot in the background is the Hungarian National Gallery. It houses an extensive collection of Hungarian artworks since the 10th century.

5. Greece (Descendants of the Sun)
5 countries we want to visit after watching Korean dramas 3
This is perhaps the most famous shipwreck in Korean dramas, all thanks to the Song-Song couple. Credits: Pixabay.

Some parts of Descendants of the Sun was filmed in a fictional country called Uruk. Though Uruk doesn’t exist, the beautiful backgrounds actually do and they are found in Greece.

Remember the shipwreck where Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo always had their romantic scenes? The shipwreck has been there at Navagio beach since 1982. It is a famous tourist destination so do not be surprised if you find yourself in a sea of tourists there.

Beside Navagio beach, the filming also took place in the Monastery of Panagia Skopiotissa, Gomati, Myrina and Arachova.

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