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Top five things to buy at Krabi Weekend Night Market

Krabi Weekend Night Market (1)
Located at Maharat Road opposite City Hotel, Krabi Weekend Night Market opens Friday till Sunday from 5pm onwards.

Whether you are staying in Krabi town or 30 minutes away at Ao Nang beach, your visit to the southern region of Thailand would not be complete without visiting Krabi Weekend Night Market.

Located at Soi 10 Maharat Road opposite City Hotel, it’s open Friday till Sunday from 5pm onwards.

The market offers a great variety of food, affordable fashion items, local produce, exotic delicacies such as crickets and fried worms and tops it off with great entertainment.

It is a relatively small market, so an hour or two is sufficient enough to visit every stall and enjoy as much as possible.

Still, there are so many delicacies to choose from besides the usual and famous Thai food such as pad thai, mango sticky rice, tom yum goong, papaya salad or pineapple fried rice!

Krabi Weekend Night Market (14)
Hearty portions and diverse dishes await seafood lovers out there!

Here’s KajoMag’s top five things to buy at the Krabi Weekend Night Market:

1.Bamboo Cocktails!

Krabi Weekend Night Market (8)
Just like the sign says: Cocktail in the Bamboo!

What better way to start off your weekend in Krabi other than a nice shake of alcohol?

Served in cut bamboo with a slice of pineapple and a cute tiny umbrella, their cocktails simply compliment your tropical vacation in Thailand.

Whether it’s Mojito Strawberry, Mojito, Pina Colada, Kahlua Milk, Screwdriver, Margarita, Tequila Sunrise, Sex on the Beach, Long Island Tea; there are so many cocktails to choose from!

Krabi Weekend Night Market (19)
Choose your cocktails here at Krabi Weekend Night Market!

2. Kao Cluk Ka Pi

Krabi Weekend Night Market (13)
Take home some kao cluk ka pi!

If you take the time to observe the locals, you will see some of them buying packs of rice.

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These rice packs turn out to be kao cluk ka pi – fried rice with shrimp paste.

The rice dishes come with shrimp or chicken served together with shredded unripened mango, shredded omelette, tiny slices of red onions and long beans.

It is a hearty meal, perfect for those who are famished after all that walking around the market.

3.BBQ heaven on a stick

Krabi Weekend Night Market (9)
BBQ heaven!

We just made that up, the locals do not call it ‘BBQ heaven on a stick’.

But we are talking about all the glorious meat such as pork belly, chicken barbecued to perfection.

The meat is slightly sweet but tender and juicy, perfect to have with local Thai beers like Chang and Leo…or you can always have another round of bamboo cocktails!

Krabi Weekend Night Market (6)
You can pick your spicy or non-spicy sausages.

4.Beach shorts

For the fashionista in you.
For the fashionista in you.

No matter how much you have packed for your island trip – trust us – you still have extra room for extra beach shorts.

Here at Krabi Weekend Night Market, there are more beach shorts to choose from compared to those in Ao Nang and way cheaper.

You can get comfortable cotton shorts with Thai motifs as low as 100 baht. The same items might cost slightly higher in Ao Nang.

5.Local art pieces

Krabi Weekend Night Market (27)
Have personalised shoes handpainted by this artist.

The weekend market is also a great place for visitors to show some support to local artisans.

Here you can find handmade cut-out cards, hand-painted postcards and paintings.

You can even watch some of the artists at work, painting their masterpieces right in the middle of the busy market.

Krabi Weekend Night Market (26)
Another artist at work in the middle of Krabi Weekend Night Market.

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