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Talk on Tuloi Kebing, the Great Kejaman Chief of Upper Rejang

The public is invited to a free talk “Tuloi Kebing, the Great Kejaman Chief of Upper Rejang” organised by Friends of Sarawak Museum (FoSM).

The talk will be held at Cafe’ Rouge, No.3 Jalan Green Hill on March 23rd from 7.30pm.

For registration, please write to [email protected] or 011-12308849.

About the topic:

Tuloi Kebing, a Kejaman aristocrat, was according to Kejaman oral narratives, the single most famous chief the Kajang peoples –comprising the Sekapan, Lahanan, Punan Bah and Kejaman– ever had.

Granted a special audience at the Brunei palace, Tuloi Kebing was made the Sultan’s representative in the upper Rejang, and given symbolic items of bandera (flag), meriam (canon), mahkota (crown) and dacin (a set of scales). One of his responsibilities was to promote trade and ensure the safety of Brunei traders going up the upper Rejang.

The appointment came at the time when the Kajang influence in ethnic affairs in the upper Rejang was fading. During the “Great Kayan Expedition” to the upper Rejang in 1863, Tuloi Kening’s name was hardly mentioned but appeared quite frequently in the Sarawak Gazette after the expedition.

In April 1882, Resident Hugh Brooke Low introduced him to the people of Belaga as penyuroh (agent or representative) of the Brooke administration.

This talk will look at ethnic composition and social relation around the life and time of Tuloi Kebing and beyond with reference to the work of Jérôme Rousseau, Ida Nicolaisen, Brian de Martinoir, Simon Strickland, Peter Mecalf, and Ian Clayre. Tuloi Kebing’s legacy to Sarawak is the Taman Tipong Tuloi kliering that stands magnificently at the Sarawak Museum compound.


Jayl Langub is an Associate Research Fellow at the Institute of Borneo Studies, UNIMAS, and Advisor to WWF-Malaysia

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