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Talk on Kayan/Kenyah traditional wedding at Sarawak State Library

Sarawakiana Talk is back!

Join this interesting Sarawakiana Talk on `Kayan/Kenyah Traditional Wedding` by Ding Seling from Majlis Adat Istiadat Sarawak.

Get to know more on the history and uniqueness of the Orang Ulu traditional wedding this coming Apr 25, 2017, 2:30 pm at Special Collection Room, Level 1, Sarawak State Library.

More about the talk:


The traditional wedding ritual amongst the Orang Ulu community is rarely observed in the modern context due to several factors such as conversion to other religion, urbanisation among the Orang Ulu community, the decreasing number of people from the older generations who observe the ancestral traditions, the financial implications and complexities of the process.

The traditional wedding process and associated rituals vary in accordance with the respective social class of the man and of the woman to be married, and of their respective families and longhouses within the Kayan community.

The present day class structures and hierarchies are the outcome of centuries of events and occurrences amongst the Kayans (warfare, enslavement, voluntary social associations, arranged marital unions, and so forth) spanning over many generations.

The age old practice of respecting the traditional hierarchy is still observed in the longhouses.

A modern day Kayan person belonging to the Panyin would not, for example, dare to wear or display designs that are meant for the Maren when visiting his/her respective longhouses.

The adoption of Christianity by the majority of Kayans has also modified some of the thinking in relation to how the old traditions and customs should be observed.

The entrance is free!

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Interested in attending this talk? Call Rozana Octovia Raymond Umpu at 082-4404888 ext 19 or email [email protected]