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Stars Aligned Theatre to fill in ‘Blank Spaces’ this weekend

KUCHING: Theatre production group ‘Stars Aligned Theatre’ will debut Blank Spaces on October 12 and 13 at The Old Court House, adding another first to local theatre offerings in What About Kuching (WAK) 2019 by not only running their first production, but by also using both English and American Sign Language (ASL).

The story, which features two deaf actors, begins with a chance meeting between two strangers, whose blossoming love is put to the test when communication became difficult. In a world that makes you choose between duty to ambition and duty to your heart, will they ever see eye to eye?

Phil Yong (left) will play main character Sam, while Phriscilla Ngau stars as main character Chloe. – Photo by Syed Rusydie.

This first show includes members from Society for the Deaf (SSD), with two of them in acting roles.

According to organisers, they wanted to push their creative boundaries and explore something new while creating impact.

“We hope that people will see that creativity has no limits by demonstrating that we and the deaf are no different from each other. Everyone has the potential to perform and do what they want in life as long as we try,” said a spokesperson.

The play will take place in a café setting. The highlight is a mixture of sign language and voice-overs throughout the show. The audience will get to see the relationship between a hearing person and a deaf person.

Blank Spaces will star Phil Yong, Augusta Janta, Phriscilla Ngau, Yvonne Yeo, Hamazaitullah Hamazimin, Bethany Balan, and Liew Zi Yu, with a special appearance by actor and television presenter Razif Hashim, who performed in last year’s interactive theatre experience The Food Play during WAK 2018.

Stars Aligned Theatre, an experimental theatre production, was started by Ghali Foster, Jessica Yu, and Kimberly Wang.

Ticket price is RM80 with one drink. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to SSD. For tickets, seat and date selection, message Jessica at 010-9848192.

Stars Aligned Theatre can be found on social media under the username ‘starsalignedtheatre’.

This event is part of What About Kuching 2019. For more information or to download our calendar, visit Programme booklets are also available for free across Kuching. For updates, find WAK on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter under @aboutkuching.

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