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Wednesday Talk: Issues Facing Conservation of Wildlife in Sarawak

The Malaysia state of Sarawak is situated in the island of Borneo, and is part of the Sundaland eco-region, one of the global biodiversity hot spots. The island of Borneo has an outstanding richness in biological diversity, and its lowland rainforests ecoregion is regarded as the most species rich in the world in terms of plant diversity, with high level of endemicity for plants and animals.

Covering an area of over 12 million hectares, Sarawak is one of the richest states in Malaysia in terms of natural resources. Over the decades, these resources have been exploited, largely for timber. More recently, large areas of land are being converted for agriculture developments, which have affected the habitat of wildlife species. Actions are needed to conserve key habitat and ecosystems in Sarawak.

The talk presents some of the threats and issues related to conservation in Sarawak, and some of the steps taken collectively between the government of Sarawak and other conservation organisation in coming up with a systematic planning for conservation.

Come and  join the Sharing My Passion Talk this Wednesday (May 10th) by Dr Jason Hon from 5.30 to 7.00 pm at The Museum Café and Shop 96, Main Bazaar, Kuching.

-Sarawak Museum Merchandise Shop & Cafe

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