Nando’s is serving up Everyone’s Platter this Christmas


As merry as it may seem, half the struggle preparing a Christmas dinner is figuring out the best menu that would satisfy everyone.

In the spirit of the Christmas season, Nando’s is gifting its diners with a new item on its menu, Everyone’s Platter.

Being a true food lover, KajoMag was invited to a Nando’s pre-Christmas dinner at tHe Spring Shopping Mall on 17 November to try out their new menu item.


Priced at RM99, Everyone’s Platter serves up Nando’s signature juicy yet savoury whole PERI-PERi chicken together with four side dishes – corn-on-the-cob, PERi-PERi wedges, a regular side salad and Mediterranean rice – enough to feed a small army of four people.

The Portobello Mushroom (right) is a must try and KajoMag's new favourite of Nando's menu
The Portobello Mushroom (right) is a must try and KajoMag’s new favourite from Nando’s menu

What is extra special about Everyone’s Platter, though is its ‘Fire Starter’.

Everyone’s Platter is introducing Nando’s new addition to their menu; the Portobello Mushroom Bowl as its  starter. Perfectly grilled yet slightly charred, the portobello mushroom was juicy, succulent and savoury, complemented by the sweetness from the grilled red onion.

The crispy refreshing regular side salad complemented the smokiness of the Portobello mushroom.

Nando's Everyone's Platter consist of a whole chicken perfectly grilled, corn-on-the-cob, Peri-peri wedges, Mediterranean rice and salad.
Nando’s Everyone’s Platter consists of a perfectly grilled whole PERi-PERi chicken, corn-on-the-cob, PERi-PERi wedges, Mediterranean rice and salad. The whole PERi-PERi chicken has perfect char marks, guaranteeing its scrumptious taste.

As expected, one bite of Nando’s PERi-PERi chicken and you can literally feel the juice oozing out.

And what’s a chicken dish at Nando’s without a hit of its PERi-PERi sauces? You can try out the spicy PERi-PERi sauces which include Mild, Medium, Hot and XX Hot. Feeling a bit racy, I tried out the Hot PERi-PERi sauce – even though the Hot really packs some heat, I was able to taste a symphony of flavours on my tongue.

Those with sensitive tongues, however, you can try out their non-spicy sauces like Lemon & Herb or Wild Herb instead.

To complete the meal, what better way to end it but with a sweet, sweet dessert?


Even though it’s not part of the Everyone’s Platter menu, Nando’s has drool-worthy desserts, among them  red velvet and caramel cheesecake.

While the slice of red velvet plays perfectly into the Christmas theme, one simply cannot leave Nando’s without trying their caramel cheesecake.

What has become another KajoMag favourite, the perfect blend of saltiness and sweetness from the caramel represents what cheesecake is supposed to taste like.

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I know Christmas is over a month away but Merry Christmas y'all!
I know Christmas is over a month away but Merry Christmas y’all!