#KajoAsks: Ropuhan Di Tanak Wagu, the online cooking class for those who struggle in the kitchen

When it comes to cooking traditional dishes, for most millennials, the struggle is real. From struggling to identify the right ingredients and cooking traditional dishes a certain way, when cooking in the kitchen, there seems to be a lot going on when preparing food. But for Sabahan Pison Jaujip, it is

Local Vegetables in Sarawak You Should Know

Because kolo mee and laksa are not the only things that taste good in Sarawak..... Often times, when we talk about Sarawak cuisine we do not give enough credit to the local vegetables in Sarawak. While some (most?) might consider vegetables their kryptonite, Sarawak vegetables are far more interesting than the supermarket

KajoPicks: Five K-Dramas about journalism

Compared to medical or law dramas, journalism might is a fairly under-represented career field to feature in TV. A brief google search will show a lot of English-language TV shows about journalism that just couldn't last or make it on the international market (except Murphy Brown). Often, in movies or