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3 highlights of the inaugural Hong Kong Pulse Light Festival 2018

There is no better time to visit Hong Kong than this winter, as its skies and shore will become even more radiant than ever during this festive season.

All thanks to the first Hong Kong Pulse Light Festival which turns the city into a playground of luminous artworks.

Organised by Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB), the festival starts from Nov 29, 2018 till Feb 24, 2019.

During this time, visitors can enjoy an eye-opening visual feast during the inaugural edition of Hong Kong Pulse Light Festival 2018. So far, it is the largest open-air light festival in Hong Kong.

Artists from around the globe will be displaying their light-inspired installations along Victoria Harbour.

The festival surely will brighten up this winter in Hong Kong promising a magical incandescent experience for all.

Here are the 3 highlights of the first ever Hong Kong Pulse Light Festival:

1.International Light Art Display
Attendees poses for a photograph at the light tunnel during the 2018 Hong Kong Pulse Light Festival on November 29, 2018 in Hong Kong, Hong Kong. (Photo by Anthony Kwan/Getty Images for Hong Kong Tourism Board)

This display features 14 of the best artworks that have toured other world-famous light festivals. Additionally, there will be four symbolic Hong Kong installations by local artists.

One of the artworks, ‘Talking Heads’ by Viktor Vicsek from Hungary will come to life via animated facial expressions that change colours at night.

Meanwhile, ‘Lightbattle X’ by VENIVIDIMULTIPLEX from the Netherlands is an interactive light bicycles. It is on display for spectators to immerse themselves in a competitive and warm-spirited racing game.

As for the local talents, the Daydreamers from Hong Kong will premiere their ‘Bat and Coin’ exhibition in which they turn the traditional pawnshop sign into a larger than life illuminated silhouette.

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The International Light Art Display is taking place at Central and Western District Promenade throughout the Hong Kong Pulse Light Festival. The lights are on at 5pm till 11pm daily.

2.A Symphony of Lights
Xtree of 1024 Architecture of France is displayed at the 2018 Hong Kong Pulse Light Festival on Nov 29, 2018. (Photo by Zhizhao Wu/Getty Images for Hong Kong Tourism Board)

Dubbed as the one of the world’s most spectacular light shows, ‘A Symphony of Lights’ is shown along Victory Harbour.

The additional skyscrapers participating in the coordinated production and pyrotechnics from building rooftops adding highlights to the show on selected evenings will usher in the holiday season.

The enhanced version of this show started on Nov 29 daily from 8pm. Meanwhile, the pyrotechnic display takes place on Dec 1, 8, 12, 15, 22 and 29.

The first-ever “International Light Art Display” features 14 international and 4 local creative lightinspired art installations, including “Xtree”.

Prepare to be wowed by this 25-meter-tall artistic reinterpretation of the traditional Christmas tree.

Installed adjacent to the Observation Wheel, the tree is made with metallic scaffolding that represent branches.

Plus, the light decorations are placed strategically that dance to a matching soundtrack.

‘XTree’ lights up daily from Nov 19 till Jan 1 (5pm till 11pm) near the Hong Kong Observation Wheel.

This article is based on the press release provided by Hong Kong Tourism Board. For more information, please visit


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