Ellena, the forgotten American colony in Sabah

Did you know that there was an American colony in Sabah? And at one point in time, James Brooke and successors were not the only white 'Rajahs' on Borneo island. The establishment of Consulate in Brunei In 1850, the United States signed a bilateral treaty of Peace, Friendship, Commerce, and Navigation with

How to travel from Tubau to Belaga 70 years ago

Today, it only takes two to two-and-a-half hours to drive from Tubau to Belaga. It depends on the weather, road conditions and how many timber-laden lorries you come across along the way. However, did you know that to travel from Tubau to Belaga 70 years ago would have taken roughly two and

KajoPicks: 15 South Korean high school dramas you need to watch

Feel like indulging in some teen dramas? Here are 15 South Korean high school dramas to watch: 1.School 2013 (2012) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kwBydCH1VB8 We cannot talk about Korean high school dramas without putting KBS’s School anthology series on the list. So far, seven School drama series have premiered since 1999. The series has been noted for