KajoPicks: 10 Korean series to watch if you love ‘chaebol’ dramas

If you are not familiar with the term chaebol, in South Korea, it means a large industrial conglomerate which is run by a family. In some cases, they have been criticised for itheir monopolistic behaviour such as favour controlling shareholders and government corruption. Outside their high-rise offices, their antics have often made

How a magic mushroom caused people to speak in different languages

How everyone began speaking in different languages according to a Taman legend. Have you heard of Psilocybin mushroom? Widely known as 'magic mushroom', this type of fungi is usually consumed for its hallucinogenic effects. Once consumed, the person may experience euphoria and change in consciousness, mood and even perception. They may even experience

7 things Kayan women were forbidden to do when the men left for headhunting trips

In the olden days, Kayan men were known as notorious headhunters. Their reputation as fierce warriors spread so wide and wild that they were often mistaken as cannibals. Whenever the men went for headhunting trips, the women were left in the longhouses fending themselves. These headhunting trips usually took months before they