Seven reasons to visit New Zealand in spring time

Ahead of the summer crowds, New Zealand in spring time – September, October, November – set their own unique tone for enticing outdoor holiday experiences. Spring in New Zealand is a lively season inspired with colour, flavoured with early produce and new wine releases. It is populated by new life and creative festivals celebrating

Friendships, betrayals and manhunts: What you need to know about the Gaat expedition 1919

When Sarawak was an independent kingdom under the reign of three White Rajahs, the then government carried a number of punitive expeditions against its alleged rebels. These include an expedition against the Ibans in Kedang and the infamous Cholera Expedition down Lupar river. Reasons for these punitive expeditions varied; from

The aftermath of the Indonesian-Malaysian confrontation at Long Bawan

Located at North Kalimantan, Indonesia, Long Bawan is a small town with a small airport which has become the only gateway via air to Krayan Highlands. Looking back on its history, it was one of the combat operations sites between British Commonwealth forces and Indonesian armies during the Indonesian-Malaysian confrontation. The