An encounter with a fellow Kayan at Putussibau, Indonesia

Putussibau, the capital of the Indonesian regency Kapuas Hulu, is the last market town on the Kapuas river. Located in the northeastern part of West Kalimantan, it is close to the Indonesia-Malaysian Sarawak border. It is the tourists’ gateway to Danau Sentarum and Betung Kerihun national parks. From the perspective of a Malaysian Kayan,

The legend of Mount Santubong that you never heard of

Sarawakians for the most part have heard of how the legend of Mount Santubong is one of jealousy and rage between two celestial princesses Puteri Santubong and her sister Puteri Sejinjang. However, there is another legend that circles around Mount Santubong in which many may have never heard of. The best

World Press Photo Exhibition shows in Kuching, Sarawak for the first time

In 1955, a group of Dutch photographers organised an international contest to showcase their works to the world. They called it ‘World Press Photo’ and now it has become one of the most esteemed photography competitions in the world. Fast forward to today, the exhibition has toured more than 100 cities